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I am a late comer on this ship, I know. I pretty much was turned onto Stargate when I was injured (for my own stupidity I assure you) and I took to the Netflix to find something to occupy myself. I discovered that one of my favorite movies of all time had been made into a TV show, so I started to watch. And fell in love. With Daniel Jackson. Madly. Not just Michael Shanks (although I am fairly certain that he is a Grecian God - oh dear lord....) but the character himself. Then came seasons 9 and 10 and I was just upset by the whole thing. I love Claudia Black and the scenes were fun, but really? Her? That is what they decided he would end up with? Ugh. I mean really, what would they talk about, ever? So, I made him someone. This is your warning. This is sorta a Mary Sue. Sorta because a Mary Sue is Ms. Perfect and while Adrienne seems perfect at first she is NOT. By a stretch. She needs someone like him as bad as he needed someone like her. This is their love story.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some people need taking care of too

"Hey you're up…" Adrienne peeked up from her kitchen counter to see Daniel lumbering in, hair a mess, no glasses, rubbing his face.

"Yeah just a little sore is all," he grumbled, taking a seat on her bar stools, setting his hands into his face.

"That was a bad fall you took Indy, no joke."

"Yeah, but you didn't have to bring me here. I appreciate it but I would have been fine," he said peeking up, a slight smile on his face.

He didn't mean it, she knew.

"No you didn't have to come here, but you did, so you must have wanted to come here and be taken care of. Admit it shut, you LIKE having me around."

Daniel's cheeks reddened.

"Now that you're upright, I made you some breakfast. Now, I don't have waffles but I did have a toaster strudel," she said, pointing to the toaster oven which she started when she heard him coming down the hall.

He looked up, confused.

"Adrienne goddess of health Rowan has toaster strudels?"

"Ya wanna eat smartass? Ya other option is saltines and low fat cheese spread."

"Strudel," he said, letting his head fall back onto the counter.

"Go back to bed, I'll bring it in."

"I need to get out of bed…"

"Uh huh. Look, Carolyn said that it wasn't a concussion, but you have muscle strain and bruising and need to relax and heal. I will bring you breakfast."

"In bed?" he looked up smiling again.

"Yes, and coffee too."

"You realize that it's your bed?"

"Yes, and ya bedda nah get a crumb on da sheets," she said, walking over to start the coffee.

Laughing, and flinching because he seemed to hurt, Daniel stood, walking over to the fridge, reaching for his phone.

"What are you doing shug?"

"Texting Vala," he chuckled, "to tell her that you are serving me breakfast in your bed after I slept there."

Adrienne frowned.

"I'm kidding, gonna call Jack and see what we're missing that's all. I leave the harassment of Vala to you," he said, slipping the phone to his ear.

"No need. SG-4 came back this morning, empty handed, place seems to be abandoned. I've got the MALP pics from the last two planets, nothing, I've already gone through and I stayed up after you were asleep last night to get us up to speed on the database schedule. You're dry cleaning has been picked up, it's waiting in your office and I've rescheduled your lecture with the cadets until next week. All ou need to do is march ya tchew right down that hallway, get back under those covers and wait until your breakfast is ready."

Frowning, he let the phone drop from his ear.

"Yes mother," he shot, a sly smile across his face as he did as she asked. Shaking her head, she walked back over to the coffee machine, pulling the fresh pot from it's base.

"You know you love me shug," she chuckled quietly, "you'd die without me."

"Pretty much!!"

Redness flew into her cheeks at his reply to her unintentional remark as she poured the coffee, trying to push crazy ideas out of her head.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Daniel & Adrienne ficlet - kissing

Dialogue only you fill in the rest :)

Hey Indy! How was your meeting? *smack*

I love that..

Love what?

The kissing.

In general or right now?



No it's just you go for so long never expecting that'll never be your life and then it is your life and you start to take it for granted but sometimes you stop and realize that it could be another way, it could be completely different and it's just nice have someone come back home or here or whatever and give you a kiss.

Are you feeling okay Sha?

Yes, I'm fine, I just, never mind I'm just making a point.

Okay well if you're alright I got to get these things done for Radek before dinner okay?





I like it too...


The kissing.

In general or right now?


*chair moves*

*boots on floor*

*sits in lap and  kisses him again*

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daniel & Addy - The Weirdest Places

"Ad pass me that please."

"No, that one."

"It's the same thing."

"No it's not, this does the job in less steps."


"Don't roll your eyes at me, you're always telling me I need to be more efficient Dr. Rowan."

"That's not what I meant."

"Uh huh, so about those photos..."

"Yeah, so, I don't care what Vala says, it's just chicken scratch. If it's letters sure, kids maybe, but it says nothing."

"Should we go?"

"Do you wanna go?"

"I guess, it's worth checking out. OW!"


"Can we switch, or do I just get to stand back here and admire the view?"

"I don't think you really can like that..."

"Smartass, move."


"Yeah, let's go, who do you wanna take?"

"Vala, it's her nonsense, and we can take your boyfriend."

"Cute sha, very cute...which one?"


"It doesn't look at serious when you do it in here."

"As if you really took it seriously before."

"Not really." *giggles* "Move, my turn."

"When we do this it always seems to be your turn..."

"You don't have to come."

"I WANT to come. Remember, view and all?"

"So, tchew, Vala, and who else?"

"Dex, that way she will only be half annoying us."

"You are all over this Ronon thing, aren't you."

"Yeah. She's like a raccoon. I'm going to distract her with shiny objects."

"You think Ronon is shiny?"

"Please don't say things like that in here."

"Pass me that."


"The one behind you, the correct one if you take the proper steps to personal hygiene."

"Or the less efficient way of doing this..."

"You realize that my way takes longer right? View and all."


"That's what I thought. So, Vala, Ronon and you and me? Sounds like a romantic weekend get-a-way."

"Oh god."

"Oh god what?"

"What if they are together and we have to hear..."

"Eww, no, happy thoughts. Hand me the pink bottle up there. Let's talk about happy things..."


"Yeah Indy."

"Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that normal couples have sex in the shower and don't discuss work?"

"Oh, were we supposed to be having sex?"

"Not necessarily, I mean, the thought did cross my mind when you said do you wanna get in..."

"We were in mid conversation and I needed to shower, I thought that it would be rude to cut you off."


"Stupid gawd damn tchew!"

*bottle drop*


"Ja-wer it was your....i...dee...ahhhhhh....."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All nighter - A ficlet as friends

A pink nightmare. 

That as the best way to describe it, his assistant was a pink nightmare.

It was 11 o’clock and here she was in the lab dancing around like no one was watching to so godawful music that if possible was getting progressively worse. Shot he had on pink pajama pants, a hot pink T-shirt, her brown hair in a ponytail covered with a hot pink bandanna the music blasting out of her headphones might as well having been pink too. Archaeologists don’t behave like this way, was his first thought still unable to believe that this woman held the degrees she did. 

Or that he liked her, because he was really starting to like her. 

Their little camping trip had really been the turning point for him, he could talk to her like he had never been able to talk to anyone else before and it wasn’t until he thought he had lost her, until he thought she had died in something stupid like a gas leak that it had finally registered that this woman was special. Truth be told he’d gone to her room first, knocking and getting no answer, knowing for certain that she wouldn’t be asleep at eleven at night. She only seemed to do that when they watched movies together, once falling asleep on his shoulder in front of everyone. That had only been slightly less awkward than when she fell asleep, adjusting in such a way that she had fallen right into his lap, her head thankfully hanging over his leg.

“Hey Indy? Everything ok?” she asked, pulling headphones from her ears, setting down the pictures she had been examining. 

“Yeah,” he replied, shaking his head, “just can’t sleep.” 

“Me neither, there’s too much I wanted to do...” 

“Like?” he asked, debating the coffee machine. 

“Like enough where I could use a cup if you’re offering,” she said with a smile, “Ya game for an all nighter?” 

“Depends...” he was grinning, he knew he was, and he didn't care. Adrienne made all nighters fun. 

“Well we gots ‘bout five MALPS wortha merde ta sort through, well I do, because now I get ta front everyting fa ya,” she let her accent explode, intentionally he could tell just to goof with him. 

Of course he wanted to stay; Adrienne made all nighters fun. 

"I've got a meeting in the morning," and he did, she would know he did, she, after all, kept his schedule.

"It's at 10," she noted as she leaned back against the table, "stay up till 7, crazy power naps and then bammo, like we never did this." 

"Power nap?"

"Yeah, you never did that in grad school???" 

He smiled, chuckling slightly. 

"Of course not..."

"Lyin' tchew..."

"Fine," he relented, standing to make his way to the coffee maker, "IF you think you can handle it..."

"Bring it Indy," she said with a grin, hands on her hips.


His neck hurt. And his cheek, his back, pretty much his entire body was throbbing in pain.

"Oww..." he grumbled, peeking through his lids to see the black surface, the top of his center table.

He'd fallen asleep in the lab.

"Ad?" he asked, trying to sit up, realizing that he couldn't move, that he was pinned to the table. He shoved his glasses the best that he could, peering to his right to see the cause of his plight.

It was a pink nightmare.

Bandana pulled over her eyes, or fallen, either way he couldn't tell, Adrienne was laying on his back, her left arm wrapped around him, her right interwoven with his.

Oh dear lord.

"Ad, wake up, get up, we fell asleep..." he was panicked, there were cameras, why was she attached to him like that, why wouldn't she wake up.

"Five more minutes..."

"Adrienne, get up!" he was pushing her away frantically but she wasn't moving, still asleep, even a little drool coming out of her mouth. Grumbling he shook his head, moving his assistant upright and it worked just a few seconds until she fell forward, right into his lap, her head not on his leg.


"What?" she whined, rubbing her face downward, Daniel grabbing her clueless head and pulling up upright.

"Ow! Let go of my head!"

"Then can you get it out of my crotch!" he snapped without thinking, poor Southern Adrienne bolting upright.

"Oh maw gawd, Indee I'mmma so sorry, Imma, lwad, we mussa fallen asleep..."

She was panicked, rambling, a billion cajun phrases pouring out of her mouth as she stood, pushing brown hair from her face, the bandana hitting the floor.

"I 'ad NAW idea Indee I swear!!"

Shaking his head, she hadn't, the woman slept like the dead, Daniel raised his hands, grabbing her shoulder gently.

"No, it's ok, it's fine, I just think, well," he peered over at the clock seeing it was nearly nine in the morning, the last time he remembered looking it was three..."I think we had our power nap..."

Adrienne blushed.

"I probably, should, get a shower," she muttered, a hand wiping drool from her mouth.

"Me too," Daniel choked out at he nodded.

"See ya at the meeting."

"Yeah. See ya."

Adrienne practically tripped over her own feet racing out of the door leaving Daniel standing there, licking his lip nervously, shoving his hands into his pockets.

What was that?

Sure, Adrienne seemed to be able to fall asleep standing up, but he wasn't as fortunate a sleeper and for her to be like that...

Shoving the thoughts aside, Daniel walked over to his desk, shutting the lid to his computer, leaving the files as they were.