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I am a late comer on this ship, I know. I pretty much was turned onto Stargate when I was injured (for my own stupidity I assure you) and I took to the Netflix to find something to occupy myself. I discovered that one of my favorite movies of all time had been made into a TV show, so I started to watch. And fell in love. With Daniel Jackson. Madly. Not just Michael Shanks (although I am fairly certain that he is a Grecian God - oh dear lord....) but the character himself. Then came seasons 9 and 10 and I was just upset by the whole thing. I love Claudia Black and the scenes were fun, but really? Her? That is what they decided he would end up with? Ugh. I mean really, what would they talk about, ever? So, I made him someone. This is your warning. This is sorta a Mary Sue. Sorta because a Mary Sue is Ms. Perfect and while Adrienne seems perfect at first she is NOT. By a stretch. She needs someone like him as bad as he needed someone like her. This is their love story.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Daniel & Addy ficlet idea

*Friends, but as far as how clueless they are, use your imagination, maybe AU, I don't know, I just have a cuddle problem*

Adrienne came from the kitchen, two wine glasses in hand, hoping the wine shop owner's recommendation hadn't been for naught when she saw him, watching a documentary on TV. It was something about Egypt, of course, but names that her entire life had been mythical characters were real villains in his, and from the files, some more horrible than she could imagine. He was trying to watch, maybe look away at the same time but she couldn't tell, but what was obvious was that he was starting to do that thing again, that self-hugging mess that she had noticed a while back and vowed needed to be taken care of.

Setting the glasses quickly on the table, Adrienne jumped right on the sofa, doing something crazy that she hoped he wouldn't freak out about.

She wrapped herself into him.

"Adrienne!" he exclaimed pulling back, "What are you doing?"

"Cuddling you," she answered honestly, her heart racing, what was wrong with her, why was she doing this, but she just leaned in, reaching around his torso a second time.


"Studies show that cuddling can relieve depression faster and more effectively than any medication," she chirped out, noticing that this time he wasn't trying to escape.

"Which studies?"

"Remember the journals I used to read before you started keeping me up at all hours reading alien languages?"

"Yeah..." he laughed, remembering, wrapping his arms around her.

"Those journals," she declared as she pulled herself closer to him, probably too close for friends. Whatever, she thought, he's chuckling, so it's working.

"See," she had to add, "you're laughing."

"I wasn't depressed," he noted but he still wasn't letting go.

Adrienne, however, did.

"Daniel, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," he answered seriously, his hand gliding gently her back, settling at her hip. He hadn't held her like this before, was it wrong, why was he doing it, but things with Adrienne were so confusing, so comfortable yet so very strange.

"Why do you do that thing you do?"

Daniel was confused.

"What thing?"

"That hugging thing," she explained, pulling away from him to demonstrate. He watched her tuck her head and wrap her arms around her waist, puzzled.

"I do that?"

"Yeah," she said with a nod, "whenever you're uncomfortable or seem to be sad you do it."

"No one's ever said anything before..."

"Sorry," she spat quickly, beginning to stand, "I'm probably just seeing things..." but Daniel caught her hand.

"No," he said quietly, "I know you Ad, well, or I'd like to think I do. I know that look. I really do that, hug myself, look like that?"

She sat back down, nodding.

"Yeah, you do."

He paused for a moment, letting it sink in. Not only did he apparently have a tell for when he was upset, but it was a tell that no one in his life had either noticed or if they had that no one in his life had taken the time to ask why or find out what was wrong. It would have hurt were it not for this fact that this woman sitting here beside him, who had been a complete and total stranger not too long ago, that it was she that not only noticed but had taken it upon herself to do something about it.

"How long have you noticed?" he asked, curiosity burning inside of him.

"Since our little twenty questions slumber party," she replied with a soft smile. Not answering for a moment, Daniel thought back to that trip. That had been the one of the first times she hugged him, and that night she slept the opposite direction with her hand on his leg. Had he done it then? Had that been the reason that she threw her arms around him, and not like she had after he had listened to her open up about her family, but held him close to her like she had tried to do just moments earlier.

"And now..." he led, too nervous to say it for some reason.

"And now I do it for you so you don't have to do it yourself," her voice shook at the end, the cajun biting her lip slightly.


He asked, saying that word and that word alone because he just couldn't really ask why she had taken the time to notice and to care when so many others hadn't.

Adrienne looked down.

"Because you're a sweet man and you deserve better," she mumbled, gazing back up at him. Her eyes were so beautiful and he felt himself lost for a moment.

She cared about him, really cared about him.

Smiling, he sat back on the sofa, ignoring the wine and reaching out his arms.

"Do I need to hug myself or can I ask for you to come back?"

Adrienne didn't hesitate, cuddling back into his embrace as he looked back up at the screen, changing the channel.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

AU dialog - Who now??

Ad, hey you got it fixed! I'm impressed.

Don't be, the leak was a lot worse than I thought, I had to call in reinforcements.

How much exactly were said reinforcements?

Free, I called Teal'c. I knew what I was doing, just needed another set of hands.

Even better, so I'm only out the cost of a few new pipes.

Yep, see, told you that you needed to start learning to do things yourself.

Great, well since you fixed my sink, I think I owe you dinner.



Teal'c knows.


Gah, I'm sorry. I cleaned up and everything, made it look like I wasn't staying here but...

But what?

I missed a pair of panties. Bright neon pink lace panties.

Oh no...where were they?

They must have been in the laundry, I swear Daniel I thought I got everything, but before I knew it Teal'c was picking them up and holding them out to me.

What did he say?

Well...he made a joke actually.

A joke?

Yeah, I was proud of him. He said 'Tell DanielJackson that he needs to be more careful where he throws your undergarments."

Oh dear lord.

And I just couldn't deny, I was just in shock.

So what DID you do?

I laughed, told him the truth, that they were in the laundry I was doing.

Whew, ok, so he really doesn't know then.

Oh no, he does...


Look, stop giving me that frown, you know me better than that. He wasn't stupid; he put two and two together. I'm at your place, fixing YOUR sink, doing OUR laundry like I LIVE there.

So what did he say?

He asked when I had moved in with you and suggested that we find a bigger place since I had as many books as you.

And you didn't deny it?

He's got a point, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

I don't want you shipped across the country.

I'll threaten to quit.


I will threaten to quit. I don't think they would take the chance, together we get way more done than when they used to dumb the world on you alone.

So what exactly are you proposing?

That you call Jack, fess up and we go apartment hunting.

Are you asking me to move in with you?

In so many words, yes. This is the 21st century, women can do that you know?

*Daniel pauses, finally peeking up*

Suffer backlash together?


Even if it's a string of pointless meetings on our work decorum?

Why not? I think you might be worth it.

Yes then.

Yes what Dr. Jackson?

Yes, let's move in together.

*Addy jumps in his arms*

A difference of opinion

Dialog that needs to exit my person so I can write Crystalline Blue Waters. 

Daniel grabbed his keys from the hook in his kitchen, Adrienne making a face from the table.

"Where are you going sha?" she asked from her computer as he grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair.

"Library, want me to bring anything back?"

Adrienne made a face.

"Why are you going to the library..." she asked, confused, Daniel's expression now changing to match hers.

"To get a book...you know, front cover, back cover, pages in the middle..."

"Smartass," she said, pointing to a Daniel pile on his dining table, "I got you a Kindle for Valentine's Day."

"A holiday you don't believe in I might add..."

"Excuse me for taking one small step towards normality and adhering to the current social paradigm by buying my boyfriend a gift."

"It's a tablet," he tried instead.

"It's an electronic library," she argued.

"But I have to buy the books!"

Adrienne made a face.

"First, that shouldn't be a problem as I see your checkbook now because you abuse the privilege of having a smart woman in your life..."

"So now we discuss finances?"

"AND," she continued, "I signed you up for the borrow service so you can search for whatever you are about to burn gas for and read it right here in your underwear."

"So that's what this is about?" he laughed, "You want me to lay around reading in my underwear."




"Yes, and I can do that, when I get back, holding a REAL book in my hands," Daniel said with a smile, "In fact, I don't even need to wear the underwear..."

"Then I highly doubt any reading will get done, which means the entire trip would have been in vain," she countered.

"As would be the Kindle purchase."

Adrienne frowned.

"Why did I have to end up with a smart man?"

"You didn't have to, that was your mistake," he said with a smile.

"Bring me back some Greek yogurt. Non-fat, cherry, please."

He laughed, leaning to kiss her lips.

"Be back in an hour," he whispered, deciding not to tease her further and heading for the door.

He'd just made it to the Jeep when a thought popped into his head, an evil grin across his face. Pulling his phone from his pcket, he shot off a text, laughing at he did.

Unless YOU are planning on spending the day in your underwear, why don't you join me?
Though, if you chose the former, I won't complain. 

As expected, she was outside five minutes later. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Insane AU idea, Jack & Addy

Adrienne walked into the kitchen of the cabin, opening the fridge door and staring at the contents.

"Can't sleep either Dr. Perky?" Jack asked from the sofa, startling Adrienne. She'd thought everyone was asleep, Daniel had been for at least an hour, but there was Jack, sitting by the fire, watching the embers burn away.

"I was thirsty," she didn't lie she was, but that wasn't the reason that she couldn't sleep.

"There's plenty of beer in there," he offered. She couldn't help but smile.

"I just need a glass of water, but thanks."

Sighing out, she reached up into the cabinet, taking out a glass and beginning to fill it, not sure what to do now...

"Jack?" she surprised even herself asking. He leaned back over the sofa, peering at her, that trademark Jack O'Neill look on his face.

"You ok?"

"Can I talk to you?"

Now he made a face of confusion.


You can do this, she thought, walking herself and the glass over to the back of the couch.

"I slept with Daniel."

Jack didn't look surprised.


Adrienne shook her head.

"No, no, like," her cheeks flushed, "naked slept..."

"Wait," Jack sat up, "I thought that you two..."

Adrienne shook her head again.

"Then what have you two been doing in there and on base?"

"Sleeping, like, dictionary definition," she clarified.

"Huh, who knew?" he said more to himself than anyone, taking a swig of beer and looking back at her, "so when did this happen?"

Redness filled her pale cheeks, Adrienne looking downward.

"Do I want to go into my guest room Dr. Perky?" Jack asked, the cajun letting her head drop into her hand.

"Probably not..."

"Ok, just like advanced warning," he wasn't sure what to say, drinking more beer, "so what's the problem was he bad?"

"No," Adrienne's head darted right up, "not at all, he was..." she trailed, noting Jack's face of shock and disgust, "that's not the issue."

"Then what is?"

"Gahhhh..." and she was walking around the sofa, flopping herself right down beside him, crossing her legs yoga style and bending in a very strange fashion. The general didn't say anything for a moment, thinking, finally setting his beer over on the side table.

"Did it change how you feel about him?"

Right question, apparently, Adrienne peering up at him as she took a deep breath.


"Not sure how to break it off?"

But she shook her head in protest, rubbing her face, having some sort of miniature tantrum.

"No, I, ugh, I..." she stammered, much like Daniel Jack thought, staying quiet while she figured out what to say, "it makes me wanna head into town tomorrow, find a computer or some Wifi and research how a woman asks a man to marry her."

And down her head went, Jack unable to help but laugh.

"He's so good you wanna get hitched?"

"No!!" and she stood, eyes rolling, "dammit forget I opened my gah damn fool mouf..." she started to leave, Jack standing, reaching for her shoulder.

"Look, Addy, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. Congrats? I mean, if you're out here talking to me about weddings then you must love him."

"I do," she said without turning around, "More than I thought possible."

"He does too you know," Jack offered, dropping his hand, "he has a shitty way of showing it but he does. Has for a while."

"I know."

The general was confused.

"So, what's the problem?"

Adrienne laughed, thankfully a laugh, "I swore I'd never fall in love, get married, all that other merde that good southern women do."

"Well now you're being insane," Jack laughed himself. Adrienne turned, her arms crossed protectively across her chest, breathing in and out.

"I know I am," she giggled, "I'm not gonna propose."

"No," he joked, "that breaks every rule of being a Southern woman."

"This is happening," she whispered seriously, "isn't it?"

"Looks like it."

"It's gonna be insane, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah," he said flashing his wedding band, "Oh yeah."

Adrienne sighed.

"I guess, well, I'm gonna go back to bed before I'm missed," she said, blushing again, "he likes to cuddle."

"Not shocked," Jack replied. She started to walk away again and he wanted to say something else, give her some advice but he wasn't sure what to say. He let her disappear down the hall, the door clicking closed before letting himself sit back down to poke the fire one final time.

"She's a sweet one Daniel," Jack muttered to himself, "you'd better not hurt her."