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I am a late comer on this ship, I know. I pretty much was turned onto Stargate when I was injured (for my own stupidity I assure you) and I took to the Netflix to find something to occupy myself. I discovered that one of my favorite movies of all time had been made into a TV show, so I started to watch. And fell in love. With Daniel Jackson. Madly. Not just Michael Shanks (although I am fairly certain that he is a Grecian God - oh dear lord....) but the character himself. Then came seasons 9 and 10 and I was just upset by the whole thing. I love Claudia Black and the scenes were fun, but really? Her? That is what they decided he would end up with? Ugh. I mean really, what would they talk about, ever? So, I made him someone. This is your warning. This is sorta a Mary Sue. Sorta because a Mary Sue is Ms. Perfect and while Adrienne seems perfect at first she is NOT. By a stretch. She needs someone like him as bad as he needed someone like her. This is their love story.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sorry, this is a super stressful week of things and I just needed this fantasy. 

Are you awake?

Do I ever sleep?

*giggles* This is true sha...

Get in *reaches out as Adrienne slips into his arms*

Your bed is warm.

I finished up early and was exhausted.

And left me to deal with Woolsey?

*kisses her softly* I love you.

Lyin' ass...

I'd hoped you'd come down.

This is why it was good to go public, we can cuddle without it being a big secret.

And kiss *kisses her softly*

Oh yes, especially kiss *rolls to face him kissing him slowly*

You ate my M&Ms...

Just kiss me and stop analyzing.

I taste the chocolate.

Then kiss somewhere else...

Like here?


Or here?

I thought you were exhausted.

I was *kisses* reenergized now.

Bring your mouth back.

I'm busy.

I wanna kiss...

*laughs, bringing his face to hers*

Ok, fine, we'll do it your way.

*slowly draws her mouth to his*

Just *kisses* kiss *again* I *again* just *kisses* need *you guessed it* this.

*pulls away* Ad, are you alright?

Yeah, I just wanna be close *giggles* and not your definition.

I only said that kidding *kisses her again*

I know, but you'll never live that down.

So just close tonight?

Just close.  And can we sleep in?

*holds her closer* Anything ja-wer.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ficlet - A Conversation about Trust

Sorry, I just have these ideas pop into my head (this one while folding laundry WTF) and I have to get them out...

Dialog Only, and yes, they are naked :P 

That was incredible...

Yeah, *rests head back against pillow* that was.

*Awkward silence, Daniel chewing his lip, then sits up*

And, we, uh, probably should, well, it's, we have to leave by noon and...

You ok sha?

Yeah, I am.


No, I mean, it's just that, I've never done anything like this before.

Ok...now I'm totally lost...

I mean, spur of the moment, come down to get something, fall into bed. I've never done anything like that, like we seem to do a lot...lately...


*Daniel shakes head*

Really. Let's just say that my relationships always seem to be a bit more, well, rehearsed, organized *stammers* I knew when it was coming, very planned.

So, no short shorts and a dare and then, well, this.

*Deep breath*


*Adrienne flushes*

Me neither...


Yeah, you're always teasing me about my TV and movies, well, I get these crazy ideas and...

*Daniel shakes his head, setting it on is arms and laughing*

Great, our impromptu sex is something out of your fiction fantasies.

It is NOT.

Was I Han Solo today or Eric Northman?

*Hits him with pillow*

You, ya cooyon, only you. I just... *Adrienne looks down*

*Daniel looks over*

You just what?

I dunno *pauses* I just trust you. Those stupid crazy hot things you see on movies and whateva, those things that real people dream of trying, I guess I think I can try them with you and you won't laugh at me and if it doesn't work-

Like if I drop you in the shower *he laughs, Adrienne doing the same*

Exactly like dropping me in the shower. If it doesn't work, we just laugh it off and-

*Daniel reaches out to kiss her, pulling away but staying nose to nose*

I know, I feel the same way. Do you not remember the first time?

*Adrienne frowns*

Which part?

The 'Are you planning on participating' part...

*She laughs*

Oh, that. *laughs harder* That was adorable.

*Kisses her forehead lightly before pulling away*

See, I feel the same way with you, get the same crazy ideas, the same not caring, not overanalyzing, just safety and comfort. *Looks down* I can tell you things, in, well, in bed and I'm not ashamed or worried about what you'll say or think.

Me too *she squeezes his hand*

We do need to actually get some work accomplished *finally looks up*

I know, sorry I taunted you. *blushes again*

Did I hesitate?

*Adrienne laughs*

Point proven *Daniel stands, searching the floor for his clothes* Lunch after we listen to bullshit.

Always, here or off base?

*Finds pants, continues to search*

Depends on if I find my underwear....

*Adrienne's head falls into her arms in embarrassment*

Kidding Ad, no, just *pauses* no, let's go off base. There's some new cafe a few blocks away, let's go there. *Finds and grabs rest of clothes to start to get dressed*

Ok *she stands and grabs her own things, holding the short shorts in her hand and giggling* and I'll dress more appropriately...

*Daniel zips up his pants and races over, taking the shorts from her hand* We save these, for later. *flushes* Please...

*Adrienne nods and takes them over to her dresser*

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zimbio Quizzes

Just bear with me, k?

Dialog only

Are you still working on that stuff from Sam?

No...finished it an hour ago.

Oh, great, well it's only seven and I don't want cafeteria food.

Just a sec...

What are you doing?

Taking a quiz.

For what?

To see what 1980s Action Hero I am.

Ok, wait, what, why?

Because it's fun.

Then why are you frowning?

*Adrienne rolls eyes*

So, on what scientific principal is this quiz based upon.

A blogger I think, that watches a lot of TV and film.

More than you? Or have you made quizzes I don't know about.

No, all I do anymore is baby-sit you.

*Daniel laughs, crossing his arms*

There is actually a person that has watched more TV and movies than you have, enough to make a quiz. That IS impressive.

Go ta hell ya coo yon.

Who'd you get?

Not done yet.

How long IS this? I'm hungry.

Go eat, I'm not your keeper.

Well now I'm nosey. Who?

*Adrienne sits back laughing*

What?  *Daniel walk over to computer, Adrienne laughing and shooing him away*

No...give me a sec shug, I need to digest this.

What is so damn funny?

*Adrienne takes a few deep breaths and composes herself*

I got you.


Yeah, you... *turns computer, picture of 'You are Indiana Jones' in center of screen*

Hilarious *Daniel turns* I'm going to get real food. You sit here and laugh your way to cold macaroni salad.

*Adrienne closes computer still laughing*

I'm not sure if who that result makes look worse, you or me?

*Daniel shutting down lab, eyes rolling*

Oh I can't wait to hear this explanation.

*Adrienne tosses her computer in her bag, shoulders it, following him out*

See, if I'm you then you're best friends with yourself which makes YOU a narcissist.

I can leave you here...

But, by me getting you, when I probably should be a strong woman like Ripley or Leia, means that I am allowing your arrogant, womanizing ways to influence me in a negative fashion.

And you're left...

*Daniel jogs to elevator*

Dammit, Daniel, I'm just screwin' wit ya! Wait up!!!!!

*Daniel slips into elevator, smiling as doors close in her face*


*Doors open*

Indian, you know, since we're both Dr. Jones and all?

*Adrienne smiles*

And then my place. I have the next one on DVD.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daniel & Addy get together another AU

He had a problem just coming into her room when he needed to get something, but when he burst in this time the shower going.  As soon as his feet crossed the thresh hold, he hear the water shut off, a curtain being jerked back and her step out cussing at him before he could even see her face.

"Goddamnit Indy you have followed me to the bathroom again!!" she shouted, Daniel rubbing his face and pinching his nose underneath his glasses.

"I wouldn't have to do that if you actually made it anywhere on time, ever..." he stated from the doorway, closing the door behind him so no one would see turning his back as he knew she would order. There was sounds behind him, water dripping on the tiles and Cajun swearing, as feet tapped in the direction of her dresser.

"Turn around cooyon."

"I already did."

"I'm not looking at you to know that."

"And  I'm not looking at you," he shot back, damn prudish Adrienne, "are you ready to go yet ?"

"No, obviously, I need to put clothes on and make myself look presentable," she replied curtly.

"Are you ready for the presentation?"

Adrienne scoffed.

"Of course I'm ready for the presentation," she shot back, hurt in her voice, "first thing to go over with the committee the various Asgard lineage that we've found and the royal family's house. I've connected it to who visited us, well you already, so has to make more sense the roles different Asgard had in their society."

Daniel tried not to smile, laughing as he remained staring at the floor.

"After that we need to move onto the conservation project. I have a few scientists presenting there as well, plus the things that you and I have pulled from various other presentations. What I'm planning on doing is letting the scientists speak first, giving the IOA time to argue nothing and then you and I presenting the things that we all know already work with the current structure of the Unas settlement. After all, they like Radek, and he's got our back."

Again, she had a point. It was so nice to pawn this off on someone else for a change.

"And," she continued, "to top it all off we have to discuss the budget. I know it's not perfect, but 10%? I mean that's better than nothing. They can't they can expect you and I to still get things done on a budget that requires us to go out and beg on the streets of DC for pocket change."

She coughed, clearing her throat and sighing in.

"You're good; I'm dressed now."

He turned around and she was in her uniform, hair still wet but brushed out fiddling around her room for what he knew was her makeup bag.

"And that's all except for presenting our calendar of translations, which doesn't mean anything to anyone but you and I. Shug, you're just lucky that I do all this prep for you now while you and Sam get to go play around."

His rational mind said thank you, or at least he thought it did, but that was not what was controlling his as he walked right up to where she was standing beside her bed, staring off into space at some mental to do list and without thinking, grabbed her face, kissing her directly on the mouth. She froze for second and he thought that might've been a bad idea, that maybe he read things wrong between them, maybe he had thought, hell he didn't know what he was thinking, when he felt her kiss him back slowly, carefully, leaning back against her bed. He let the kiss go for a while longer, forgetting where he was, what time it was, but not who, never who, when he stopped and took a breath pulling away and gazing back down at her.

She smiled, "I take it you think I'm ready?"

"More than ready," he muttered quietly, not letting go or moving away, "it's amazing. Thank you as always."

"So is this what happens when an assistant does a good job? You get kissed by the boss?" she bit her lip, her cheeks flushing.

"No," what in the hell was he doing, "I just felt like kissing you. Sorry."

Adrienne shook her head.

"Don't be sorry," she said, reaching out to kiss him again, just as softly, her skin lightly scented from whatever she used in the shower. He wanted to get lost again, in her, but she pulled away, kissing his cheekbone softly.

"I have to get going."

"I know."

"I'll be back at four."

"I know."

"Do you wanna go out?"

"Sure," he wasn't sure what was happening but had no intention of stopping it, "Dinner?"

"That sounds great Daniel," she said, not calling him Indy.

And with a squeeze of his hand, she was gone, leaving him alone in her quarters.

"Well," he said to no one at all, "I guess Jack was right."

He laughed, shutting out the light and heading back down to the lab.

Daniel & Addy getting together AU

Initially, he hadn't really been concerned, it wasn't as if he hadn't visited a society that seemed to rely as heavily on physical contact as much as the Tyrrians did but he was becoming increasingly worried as the bells tolled and he started to watch their alien hosts begin to pair off. Some were in groups, three, a few foursomes, and by their body language he could tell where this was going.

"Oh no," he muttered, peering down at Adrienne, who hadn't caught on.

"Oh no wha?"

"Oh no there's gonna to be ritual, a ritual in which we are gonna be expected to participate."

His assistant frowned.

"What kind of ritual Indy?" she asked,  reading his face thought not his mind.

"Dr. Jackson, Dr. Rowan," Devra, their host was there, reaching out for them, "we must pay homage to the Gods."

"What would -?" Adrienne started, Daniel shooting her a glare.

"Of course," he agreed since there was no way out of this," and we need to..."

"Find a mate of course, there are a variety of available companions that have shown an interest in you both."

Daniel felt a pinch at his back, Adrienne finally catching on.

Slow much Ad, he thought, taking a breath.

"That won't be necessary, as we will not be needing to find anyone else," he explained, a sly grin spreading across the tan face, a twinkle in the woman's blue eyes.

"Of course..." she cooed, taking his hand anyway, leading him to one of the curtained rooms around the altar. He reached behind to grab Adrienne, his fingers clasping the sleeve to her uniform, jerking her in his direction.

"My people, we practice monogamy, I'm sure you understand..."

"Daniel!!" Adrienne hissed as he shot a look over his shoulder.

"Play along..."

"As your GIRLFRIEND!?!?" she grumbled.

"YES..." he spat through gritted teeth, pulling her into his arms.

"And your assistant?" Devra didn't seem to be buying it, "she is your lover."

"Yes, she is," he nearly choked on his words, another pinch in his back. He wanted to turn around and scream at her, just play along, that they just needed to think something was going to happen, but there was that feeling again and it wasn't a pinch in protest. She was trying to tell him that she was going to heed his request, a finger slipping into his belt loop.

"I thought as much," the woman agreed with a smile, making Daniel laugh inside. You and everyone else around us, he thought, as more bells tolled, figures assembled in front of curtains, reaching out to intimately embrace their partners.

"I shall take my leave before we begin," their host said as she glided away, Daniel turned Adrienne to face him.

"If this is a public performance, we're screwed," she whispered as her boss and best friend shook his head.

"No, curtains, there must be something done before we go in there..."

"Like what?" she asked worried, another toll as Daniel caught the answer to her question, reaching out for her shoulders.

"I said play along," and his lips were pressed against hers, kissing, slowly, deliberately, her lips flavored faintly of the vitamin water she had been drinking as they explored. He thought for a moment that she would protest but she only hesitated for a slight moment before giving in, kissing him back as though she meant it, her tongue lightly toying with his. Chills soared down his spine and he pulled her closer, reaching his hand behind her neck and kiss her deeper, moving his mouth in a frenzy when the bells tolled again and she was pushing him away, leaving him breathless.

"We're supposed to go in now," she choked out, couples and groups pushing past the thin fabric into the room, Adrienne now pulling him to do the same. He followed, stepping behind the safety of the dark purple curtain, into a small candlelit room, as his companion crawled into a bed in the back, sitting up and crossing her legs yoga style.

"So how long do you think this lasts?" she asked as he shrugged, pulling the curtain closed behind him, adjusting it is such as fashion as to where they wouldn't be seen.

"I have no idea," he admitted, "we could be here for a while."

She shrugged herself, scooting over on the bed and patting the seat beside, "well, we might as will sit down," she invited. Not much else he could do, Daniel sat down, tossing his bag onto the floor.

"Sorry about that," he apologized,  "I didn't know what else to do."

"It's okay," she admitted, laughing softly, "I mean it was either you or one of those amazingly hot guys that were staring at me..."

He chuckled as she winked playfully, "You and alien men."

"Don't even get me started Indy," Adrienne's finger shot up for emphasis, as she leaned back against the stone wall, "and anyway, it wasn't so bad," she added quietly looking over at his closest friend.

"Yeah I know. Like I said rather it be someone I know that I have to pretend to have this ritual with than some strange alien women, like you say."

Adrienne shook her head,  "No you coo yon," she laughed, taking a breath, "I can't believe I'm going to say this but you're a good kisser."

 Her cheeks flushed red candlelight.

"Thanks," he muttered quietly, eyes casting downward quickly,  "you're not so bad yourself."

"And you're acting's pretty decent..."

"So's yours..."

"And you're lying our ass off right now..."

"Because your acting sucks."


"And you weren't acting."

"Neither were you," she pointed out, the memory of his hand at her neck still so very fresh and real.

"No, I wasn't," and then he was quiet for a moment, eyes back to the floor.

"It's ok, just making sure I hadn't totally lost my ability to read male social cues," she added quickly, looking away herself.

"It's probably a bad idea..."


"I'm really not that kind of person, please know that, people on base that say otherwise don't know me," he defended as he peered back up at the slightly smiling Cajun face staring at him.

"I know you're not, I just like to give you a hard time," she answered with a shrug.

"And I'm not saying that we..."

"Oh no, me neither, not my style..."

"But, I'd like to, well, you know, without an audience..."

"That would be nice..."

He kissed her again, before either of them could say anything else stupid, taking her face in his hand...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

What DID Sam say to Addy???

"Wait Dr. Rowan! Please stop! You don't understand!" Sam shouted, watching the Cajun woman tear down the hall. She couldn't let her go, after what she'd read last night, read to Jack in bed. The woman was brilliant, her writing was superb, and if Daniel would just give her a chance...

There was a slow to her step and Dr. Rowan turned to face the general, now the professional woman that she had met in the car, not the one who had just freaked out on one of her oldest friends.

"General I apologize for my outburst, I'm just, well, I'm sorry but I can't think about the possibility of  a position in such a hostile work environment..."

"Please," Sam cut her off, holding up her and, "give me a little longer to explain. Would you walk with me?" she invited, extending her hands in front of her down the long corridor. The woman didn't say word in protest, quietly following behind as Sam continued to walk forward.

"On the left here is the Infirmary, it's a state-of-the-art facility, leading in research medicine. It's run by doctor Carolyn Lam, you might want to look her up, very accomplished surgeon, we're quite proud to have her..."

"Wait?" her guest paused as she peered into the bustling medical facility, " you have an infirmary in a Pentagon research facility?"

Sam smiled, "Yes we do, and more. If you would please..." she continued her pace, her destination ahead. She wasn't wrong about this woman, she had a feeling, even Jack said there was something about her, the name was familiar, he remembered the name so this wasn't just some strange crazy person she had flown to Washington.

"I'd like to apologize for Daniel, before we go on," she said as she came to a halt in front of a large set of double doors, preparing her speech.

"I'm not sure I understand general..."

"My name is Samantha, Sam, call me Sam," she corrected quickly, after all, this woman was a civilian, a civilian that she didn't want to lose, not yet, not until she got a chance, "Daniel's been through a lot these past few years, much more than you can imagine..."

The woman didn't seemed convinced.

"I can imagine a lot."

Sam sighed, taking a breath, wanting to smack Daniel for that outburst, "Just take whatever you imagine and make it worse, far worse."

The Cajun nodded, listening as Sam tried not to remember Daniel after the Destiny's last message came in, Daniel after Vala has stormed off world calling him every name in the book for breaking up with her, Daniel at the very few and far between group get togethers as he sat in silence...

"I need someone here to work with him, really work with him, push him. After everything that's happened, the only thing he has to hold on to anymore is his work. It's what he throws himself into now, throws himself into to the point of sacrificing himself. He needs someone, a professional like you to serve as his research assistant so he will stop killing himself."

Dr. Rowan frowned again.

"Assistant? That sounds more like a babysitter, for a grown man.

"It's not a babysitter," Sam shook her head, "I assure you. He's a researcher, we need a researcher, another researcher in there for him to continue his work because right now he's not doing anything but drowning in something that he can't handle on his own."

"I do miss research," the woman whispered, not surprising Sam in the least.

"And I've read your file, I've gone through your records. His work is the most important thing to him and I don't think I need to know you better to know that it's the most important thing to you as well. Professionally, I think the two of you could get a lot accomplished together."

Yet, her guest still didn't seem convinced. Damn Daniel and his damn fits. Why in the hell did he attack a woman about her recently deceased father? If anyone, he should have used more tact.

"This used to be a learning facility," Sam continued, "We used to come up with new ideas, learn about things, research, create projects and now we don't and I want to hire you to bring that back. I want you to create projects and research," she paused letting it sink in before continuing, "I could tell from your Smithsonian application alone that you are the kind of person we are looking for."

"Thanks General, I mean Sam, that's very kind but I-"

"Just one more thing," Sam interrupted, "one more thing before you refuse," and without giving the woman a chance to do just that the general hit a button on the wall, the double doors crawling open leaving Adrienne Rowan staring at a large ring made a substance she couldn't identify.

"What's that?" she asked, confused, her dark eyes cutting at Sam.

"That's the Stargate," she answered with pride, "Imagine instead of digging behind a civilization after they existed, after they're long gone that you could walk through that and be in ancient Rome, in ancient Greece, or Egypt, Mesopotamia..."

"What do you mean?"

"Adrienne, that is a special gate. It's a wormhole that takes you to other planets and through space and to worlds that have human beings like us, worlds beyond your wildest dreams."

"This is a joke right?" Dr. Rowan inquired, mystified as Sam shook her head, taking this risk just one step further.

"It's not a joke. In fact, some of the people that passed us in the hallways are not even from Earth. I can show you video, files, anything you want to see to make you believe me, but that's not what I want you to really consider. If you believe nothing else, believe this. You love to learn, I can tell, anyone can tell just by reading your blog. Between the gate and that man sitting back in the boardroom, if you take this job you'll learn things beyond your wildest imagination because I really don't think there's a limit to what Daniel can teach you if you're just willing to learn."

"So," she stammered, "you're offering me the job? Even after I made a total ass of myself?"

"I am," Sam smiled.

Take it, she thought, take it and bring him back to us because I see so much of him in you...

Adrienne Rowan fell quiet.