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I am a late comer on this ship, I know. I pretty much was turned onto Stargate when I was injured (for my own stupidity I assure you) and I took to the Netflix to find something to occupy myself. I discovered that one of my favorite movies of all time had been made into a TV show, so I started to watch. And fell in love. With Daniel Jackson. Madly. Not just Michael Shanks (although I am fairly certain that he is a Grecian God - oh dear lord....) but the character himself. Then came seasons 9 and 10 and I was just upset by the whole thing. I love Claudia Black and the scenes were fun, but really? Her? That is what they decided he would end up with? Ugh. I mean really, what would they talk about, ever? So, I made him someone. This is your warning. This is sorta a Mary Sue. Sorta because a Mary Sue is Ms. Perfect and while Adrienne seems perfect at first she is NOT. By a stretch. She needs someone like him as bad as he needed someone like her. This is their love story.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daniel & Adrienne Halloween Story

“Please just no fangs ok Ad, no fangs,” Daniel pleaded as he watched his lovely assistant, his beautiful girlfriend type feverishly at the computer. 

“But what if I want to be Sookie and Eric, are you just going to be Eric the fang-less Viking vampire?” Adrienne asked, not deviating her eyes from the screen for a moment as she continued to click away. 

“Didn’t you already have that fantasy? Didn’t you inform me that looking back it wasn’t as pleasant as you had imagined,” he questioned, remembering distinctly how he had liked the taste of human blood, her blood, much to her disgust and later his. That must have gotten her attention as she jerked her head around, an evil grin on her face. 

“That was season three Eric. I want season four,” she smiled, raising her eyebrows at him hoping he would catch on. 

“Season four?” he inquired, not having braved a single True Blood night since they had gotten together. Not that he hadn’t wanted to spend the time with Adrienne, he relished their moments alone together, but they were never alone for True Blood. Vala was always there and always waiting to ask the two of them if whichever sexual position they were seeing on the screen was something they had tried. Ergo, Daniel had developed a sudden taste for Sunday Night football at Cam’s house. 

“Google it,” she responded, returning her gaze back to the screen. Curious, Daniel opened a new page in his browser and carefully typed: 

Sookie & Eric Season 4 

Seeing nothing but video link after video link, he clicked on images.....

his eyes widening at what appeared. Cutting his eyes at her, knowing she was setting him up, he decided to respond in the like. 
“I don’t need a Halloween party for that,” he answered, trying to keep his expression straight as possible, but she was prepared, as a nerf dart hit him square in the face.  

“Cute Daniel, very cute. I should cut you off just for that remark,” she teased right back, finally looking away from the screen. 

“Seriously though Indy, I really want to do a couple’s costume. I never actually have had someone to do a couple’s costume with,” Adrienne stated, honestly, remembering Joshua scoffing at the idea, his preferred costume something skimpy for Adrienne and nothing for him. 

“No, that’s fine, I’m just teasing you. If you want me to be that stupid blonde viking that you would leave me for that’s fine, but I was kind of hoping for something, more, us,” he replied, rolling the dart around his fingers.

“Like....” she led, running the list of every TV couple she could through her mind, trying to come up with a match. 

“I don’t know, I’m not the expert on pop culture that you are,” he replied, frustrating her more.  While he was the most amazing man she had ever met, he was just that, a man, and at times it seemed as if his entire goal in life was to drive her completely and totally insane. 

“Fine, well, we’re throwing the party and I...” Adrienne started but Daniel interrupted her, throwing the neon orange dart across the room. 

“Correction, YOU are throwing the party, I’m just stuck by default since we’re together,” he joked, returning his screen. 

Embrasse moi tchew,” she spat back laughing, “I’ll just call Dex.” 

“And I’ll take the birthday girl,” he answered without missing a beat. 

“I hate you,” she resigned this round quickly, knowing he had won. 

“I know,” he answered quickly, returning back to their earlier battle, “How about Anthony and Cleopatra?” This time, Adrienne made a face.

“Ick, B.C. ear Snooki and her two time asshole lover, no,” Adrienne replied, offering her suggestion before he had a chance to speak, “Adonis and Aphrodite?” 

“Aphrodite was married to Hephaestean, not Adonis,” Daniel responded, peeking down his glasses at her as she was already scowling at him. 

“For real, did you just correct a classics professa?” she asked, her accent starting to appear in her last words. 

“Ok, ok. Well, I’m not running around half naked, I don’t want to hear anything from certain people. Sonny and Cher?” he now offered, having given up completely on his work for the day; Adrienne was not going to let up until this entire event was planned down to the tee. 

“I’m not old, Harry and Hermione?” she countered, smiling.

“I’m not 12 if you are talking about that wizard boy,” Daniel answered.  

“They flashed forward like twenty years, but you fell asleep by that part,” Adrienne replied and Daniel shrugged. 

“No children’s book figures. Hmmm... Lucy and Ricky?” he tried again, knowing she did enjoy that show. 

“Your Spanish makes me cringe, Mal and Inara?” she tried. 

“Who?” Daniel asked, confused. 

“From Firefly, remember Hot Starship captain?” Adrienne explained, hoping to jog his memory but Daniel was already frowning at the word Firefly. 

“Nothing we have lived in some strange off world ancient technology fueled fantasy. Luke and Leia?” he shot back quickly and Adrienne made a face. 

“They are brother and sister Daniel; that is GROSS!!” Adrienne shouted, quickly adding, “Sometimes I wonder how we are actually dating.” 

“Because I’m the only man in the galaxy that can put up with you,” he joked, tossing up his hands just in case there was foam retaliation headed his way.  Instead he heard a gasp. 

“Oh no,” he said, worried now at her reaction, as she was glancing over at him, a grin from ear to ear. 

“I’ve got it. It’s perfect,” she explained and Daniel didn’t respond, just waved his hands searching for her answer. 

“Do you trust me?” she asked. 

“Is that a rhetorical question?” he joked and she made a face at him. 

“I’m being serious,” she said sternly. 

“Yes Ad, I said I would be your vampire law enforcement official,” Daniel replied honestly. He didn’t care, really, he was looking forward to doing this with her, something he had never done before. 

“Trust me shug, it’s perfect,” Adrienne smiled, returning to her screen.  

Daniel had to admit he was just the tiniest bit apprehensive about the entire thing. For starters, dressing up as fictional characters was never something he had imagined doing, not that he was against it, but there was this unspoken pressure as to how perfect a selection he and Adrienne would make. Even Sam had taken to asking him, suggesting everything from famous Greek couples, for Adrienne’s benefit he was certain, to a pair of cartoon characters that came from some Walt Disney version of Atlantis.  This was supposed to be Vala’s birthday, the birthday Adrienne had given her, when it seemed to have turned into the Daniel and Adrienne event of the year. If this was the attention paid to the birthday party, he couldn’t imagine what their wedding might be like, a wedding he had daydreamed about but would never tell Adrienne, not just yet, for fear of her lecturing him on the role of women in a modern society and on the confines of legal marriage. Still, a man could dream, couldn’t he? 

Meanwhile, as he worried about what Adrienne was going to dress him in, a part of him still expecting a baggie of fangs to appear on his dresser, his New Orleans born and bred girlfriend was planning a party so huge, so over the top, that he was starting to fear how Adrienne was going to afford her bills the next month. Sam had given her permission to use the commissary for the party, so due to security reasons Adrienne was not allowed to use a caterer. Daniel thought that would stop the madness right there since Adrienne claimed to have no talent whatsoever in the cooking department, but alas no. Jack had jumped on the opportunity to grill, even though it meant having to following some dirty recipe card that Adrienne’s Aunt Barbara had mailed from the Bayou, complete with a cute little hello greeting to Cam.  Sam volunteered to make King Cake, which judging by a google search was NOT what Daniel had been taught King Cake was and even John Sheppard and Jennifer Keller from Atlantis had gotten roped into making some other dishes. Dancing herself around the SGC like a cruise director, Adrienne secured decorations and personnel to hang them, Cam to act as DJ, and even came up with a selection of party games to rival any child’s birthday party. It was so grandiose in fact, those wedding daydreams that he was starting to have were quickly turning into nightmares of a cajun bridezilla.  He kept to his work, letting her dart in and out of the lab for two weeks, knowing that she was dealing with the party by day and doing her work by night, her side of the bed sadly cold and vacant. He wanted this whole fiasco over with as soon as possible if not for any other reason than to actually be able to spend time with her again or curl up at night with her in his arms. 

So when the big day arrived Daniel was only half surprised that Adrienne was at work on time because she really wasn’t in the lab to work, she was merely there to find her tunes before beginning the festivities. 

“Sha, you seen my iPod?” she asked, digging around her desk, cajun swear words flying past her lips. Glancing up from his own desk, noting that it was 8:55, noting that she was early, noting that she hadn’t been in bed when he woke up, he rolled his eyes, knowing the damn thing was probably right where she left it but in her temporary insanity that was the last place she was going to look. 

“Try the speaker ja-wer,” he answered sweetly, trying not to mock her despite the overwhelming urge to do so. He’d been a little cranky when he woke up this morning, shivering in the bed alone, their bedroom window cracked for fresh air letting the cold October breeze seep in, chilling his bones. Even under the blankets, with sweatpants and a t-shirt, he was still chilly and had rolled over, reaching out to pull her into arms, to share warmth with her, to find her body pillow in her place a note on the nightstand. 

Busy day. Meet you back here for dinner to get ready. 
Love you forever. 

Snapping her fingers, Adrienne dashed over to the cabinets, standing on her toes to reach for the speaker, which, as Daniel suggested, was housing the missing MP3 player. She snatched it from the stand and slipped it into her jeans pocket, racing now over to her locker to dig around her gym bag. Resigning himself to the fact that the entire day was going to be this way, Daniel stopped watching her run around the room like a mad woman, redirecting his attention to the file folder he’d been reading.  He was just about to stand and walk to the center table and spread his photos out to examine, see if that planet was worth visiting, when he felt arms wrapped around him and lips at his neck. Finally, he thought, letting himself sink back into her arms, attention. 

“Tonight, I promise....” Adrienne whispered sweetly, giving him ideas that he needed not to have given the amount of work to be accomplished before tonight’s affair. 

“I was starting to think that you’d forgotten you were seeing anyone,” he teased, turning his desk chair around and pulling her into his lap. She giggled as she fell forward, crawling onto him and bringing their lips together, kissing him long and slow. He should be stopping himself, he knew, but he just didn’t care, they hadn’t been, well, intimate in at least a week and he longed for her touch. Letting himself get carried away he pushed her shirt up her back, pulling her by her now bare waist closer into his lap directing her to grind into him, which she started to do instinctually. 

“Get a fuckin’ room. It’s my damn birthday and I don’t want to see the two of you fucking, grant me that one wish,” Vala demanded from the doorway, making Adrienne leap up, adjusting her clothes quickly, her cheeks rose with embarrassment. Turning his desk chair, lest Vala see and have anything else to harass him about, Daniel cleared his throat and pushed his glasses back up his face. 

“What do you ladies have planned for today?” he asked, wanting to desperately change the topic and his thoughts. So close, a part of him cursed, so very close. Adrienne smiled, grabbing her backpack from the rear of her own desk chair, tossing it lightly over her shoulder. 

“Massages Indy, deep tissue massages,” Adrienne replied smiling brightly, Vala overjoyed. Shaking his head, imagining the two of them in a spa all day talking about god knew what, just hopefully not him, Daniel started to tell them to enjoy themselves when a thought popped into his head. 

“Ad, what am I going as tonight?” Daniel asked, wondering why there wasn’t a rental pressed and ready to go sitting at their kitchen table, but Adrienne was already shaking her head as if she anticipated the question.

“Nice try; you’ll find out at dinner,” she replied, dashing out the door before he could try again. 

“It’s gonna be fangs, I know,” he said outloud, standing and adjusting himself before laying out the photos. 

About 11:30 he received a text from Adrienne, a photo, of Vala passed out asleep, her face covered in black mud, cucumbers on her eyes, her mouth open appearing as if she were snoring with a message reading. 

Print this and I will love you till the end of time

Laughing, but already sending the message to his email, the potential for harassment too good to pass up, he shot a text message of his own back to his girlfriend. 

I thought you’d already promised to do that. 

Her response was quick, making him smile. 

Didn’t we go over my love being conditional provided you choose to remain my manservant sha? 

God he loved her, for things just like that. Picture secured in his email, he almost just sent her a reply telling her that everything was taken care of when a second thought popped into his head. 

What are we going as? 

He typed quickly and carefully into the phone. There was no answer, nothing, and for at least 10 full minutes the gadget didn’t so much as flicker to life with a news alert. 

Nice try. Order Thai for dinner. XO

“One day Ad, one day I will get you back so good for everything....” Daniel again spoke aloud to no one, returning, yet again, to his task. 

He didn’t hear from her for the rest of the day, not one peep, and shut down the lab at five, taking the subway back to their townhouse. He ordered Thai as requested, the delivery guy arriving only moments before Adrienne danced through their front door, her hands full of bags, her face glowing from the treatments it had endured all day. It’s a damn shame we have to go to this stupid party, Daniel thought, noting the way she looked post massage and spa, so spectacularly beautiful that he was tempted to disregard dinner and everything, pick her up and take her to their bed. Tossing the pile of bags, he guessed he was going to be losing even more closet space, Adrienne skipped over to him, sitting in his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. 

“I feel amazing,” she declared, breathing in deeply and arching backward, the same way she acted after yoga practice. 

“I take it you ladies had fun?” he asked, trying to hold onto her while she stretched once more, wondering why she didn’t just choose to do such things in the floor. 

“Yes, I think we need to do it again for Christmas, or better yet, Thanksgiving,” she joked, Daniel already shaking his head at her as she stood, reaching for the bags. 

“What did you buy?” he asked, standing, peering over her shoulder, genuinely curious as to what else she could possibly need to add to her wardrobe. 

“Our costumes,” she answered simply, scooping up the bags and heading for the bedroom. Frowning, Daniel followed, thinking that she intended to show him back there but she paused at the doorway, stopping him with her full hands. 

“Not until time to go,” she teased, pushing him away.

“You said dinner,” he retorted, reaching for the bags. 

“I lied,” she answered, kissing him softly, turning, donkey kicking him lightly in the chest and using the same foot to shut the door behind her.  

“I ate everything,” he lied from the other side of the door, trying not to laugh. 

“If there isn’t any Drunken Chicken left I’m going with Cam,” she shot back.  

“Don’t think I forget these threats ja-wer, I’m like a human encyclopedia,” he answered as he started back down the hall, Adrienne laughing from the other side. 

She came and joined him for dinner in the living room, picking Thai food straight from the carton, Adrienne regaling him on the magic hands of her masseuse from today. Daniel had to admit he was slightly jealous, he’d tried to give her a massage, but that was just something he discovered he wasn’t quite good at, either too soft or too rough. He threw in a few hints here and there, hoping she’d give away the costume, but she just smiled, beamed really, continuing with her dinner. Choking down one more piece of chicken, Adrienne stood, gathering their trash and tossing it away, quickly turning to dash into the bedroom, the door slamming behind her.  He followed, making it to the wooden impediment only to discover that she’d locked him out. 

“Adrienne really?” he asked, growing very concerned as he glanced back at the clock, noting that there was only an hour before they needed to arrive and he knew she would want to get their early to bark a few more orders. She didn’t respond however, so he stood at the door, his arms crossed in frustration, waiting. Finally there was a click, not a loud click, but one he recognized and he reached out for the knob, turning it and entering a room that was supposed to be half his. 

And there she was, beaming, in red linen pants, a high belt and a white linen shirt with red flowers, her hair parted down the middle. In her hand was a hat, a fedora, a real fedora to match the cargo pants, tan shirt  that had been laid out on the bed. Oh course she went with that, why would he have expected anything else and it was perfect, she was exactly right. 

“Ya know Indy,” she said as she walked over, popping the hat onto his head and wrapping her arms around his neck, “There must have been plenty of women for you over the years.” He felt his cheeks flush; they had just watched the movie, finally, a few weeks ago and he remembered that she had squealed like it was a romance film right at this very part. 

“There were a few,” Daniel responded, “but they all had the same problem,” and Adrienne choked up, knowing at that exact instant he remembered. 

“Yeah? What's that?” she led, hoping, would he, did he? 

“They weren't you, ja-wer,” he replied, changing the last word, anxious to see her reaction. 

“The hell they weren’t. Now get dressed Indy. We have a party to throw,” she kissed him quickly, pointing to the bed when he saw the final detail. 

Because only Adrienne would have found a whip. 

Daniel & Adrienne #42 - Adjustments

“Because I said so,” Adrienne laughed and rolled over on to her side, pulling up the blanket to her chin.  Of course he had to bring this up again before bed, he wanted to corner her, but she wasn’t going to back down.

“You are too intelligent a woman for that to be your argument,”  Daniel teased, reaching around her waist and kissing her ear, cuddling close to her.  He wasn’t going to get her to change her mind by being sweet either so she pushed him away again, still giggling lightly. 

“Fine, because I think that a vacation is something we both need. Away from work. Away from this place.  Away from Vala annoying me about how you are in bed,” she rolled back over to face him giggling.  

“She asks that?” he looked surprised and very embarrassed.

“Often,”  Adrienne answered, quickly changing the subject, “So, where, I’m leaving up to you,” she kissed him again, a tad slower then a normal goodnight kiss and rolled back over, readjusting the blanket, intent on going to sleep. Let him figure this out, she thought, he is the most brilliant man I know, I have full faith in him.  Well, at least faith that he could pull something off under pressure.  That, she knew, he was good at. 

“You know, this isn’t my area of expertise. Why don’t you pick?” he argued, trying again to persuade her.  True, it had been a while since anyone took a trip, a group trip, but a trip together, alone. It had only been a few days since they had made it known to the entire staff of the SGC the extent of their relationship a few very strange days that started with Jack sending Daniel a very cryptic email that he needed to speak to him in his office, a meeting that never happened as Jack was summoned to the Atlantis base as the two remaining ZPMs were beginning to flicker down to nothing.  The text Daniel had received when he had woken up the next evening, which thankfully was his last day on the reverse schedule, had said that he needed to speak to Daniel the moment he arrived back on base. He was trying not to think about it, but he knew that it was part of the blowback and if he was going to be with Adrienne, blowback was going to have to be part of the deal. 

Still, while it had been nice to finally be able to be themselves, Daniel also felt like every judgmental eye was watching them, waiting for the moment when one of them would do anything that had been misconstrued as inappropriate.  Much to Adrienne’s, and his, disappointment as well, they had decided that they needed to have a few ground rules, which included among other things, no showing affection publicly and no more shutting of the cameras in the lab, at least for that.  For that, they needed to go to their quarters.  Shutting of the cameras for Daniel to cuss about the IOA was still perfectly acceptable. 

“That’s my personal challenge to you. Can my boyfriend pick an appropriate vacation destination that has nothing to do with our job? Now, it’s after midnight, I have an 8 a.m. meeting and I’m going to sleep.  Goodnight Mr. Difficult,” she said smiling and hunching down to make herself more comfortable and Daniel pulled away frowning.    

“Be that way, goodnight,”  he flipped over and turned his back to her. She hated that and he hoped she’d notice.   

“I love you,” she said out loud over her shoulder, annoyed and slightly needed. So predictable Ad, he thought to himself and smiled.  

“Sometimes you make me wonder,” he answered as she smacked at him behind herself.  Laughing he rolled back over and reached again to wrap his arms around her bringing his lips to her ear.  

“I love you ja-wer,” he kissed her ear again and cuddled close to her, letting himself fall slowly asleep.  


The alarm woke him first, and he realized that once again he had slept through the night, calmly, peacefully, and was waking up refreshed. Add that to the list of things that were so much better now that Adrienne was, well, more than just his assistant, that she was his girlfriend, that she was his. It was weird to think about, especially after all of the hiding and sneaking.  Last night they had gone to dinner together, sitting together like a normal couple and then headed back to the lab to work late, going to bed, together, in his room like this was just supposed to be. Smiling, happier than he had ever been before, he reached over to shut the buzzing off, but as usual Adrienne hadn’t moved, even to pitch the alarm clock into the wall.  He was starting to believe that she could literally sleep through anything.  It was 6 a.m., so he decided just to go ahead and try to shower before she took over the bathroom, yet another new experience of sharing a space with a woman, at least one from this world.  At least Adrienne didn’t cover the bathroom in make-up, it was more like bottles and bottles of vitamins, which he had discovered did work when he needed them to. He would never tell her that though; instead, he just popped whatever vitamin he wanted when she wasn’t looking since he was fairly certain that she didn’t count them and hoped she wouldn’t notice.  That alone would be years worth of harassment.  

By the time he was finished in the bathroom and dressed, Adrienne was still asleep, as if she hadn’t moved in years.  It was just too much temptation; honestly one of the best parts about being in a relationship with Adrienne was that she made such an easy target. Tiptoeing, Daniel inched over to the bed and leaned over where she was huddled against the concrete wall, cold, shivering slightly, missing his presence beside her. 

“You’re going to be late....” he whispered gently into her ear and Adrienne’s eyes flew open.   

“Merde, Daniel,” she said as she shoved past him and leapt out of bed, “ ‘Ow cud ya let me oversleep!?! Sam’ll KILL me if I’m late ta dis one,” she was yelling, accent at full tilt, as she tore around the room, grabbing clothes from the bottom drawer, some garment bag that was hung over his desk chair, her make-up kit and a towel. Daniel managed to keep a straight face for all of ten seconds before he lost it completely, laughing hysterically and sitting down on the bed watching her panic when she turned slowly to face him.  

“I hate you,” she said and threw the clean towel at him.  

“You just make it too easy,” he replied, “it’s only 6:45, you have plenty of time.”  

She walked back toward him, frowning and collected her towel, shaking her head, and went back to getting her things, much slower this time.  Armed with an arsenal of god only knew what, she made one last face at him before entering the bathroom.  He didn’t need to be any place in particular today, so he took his time straightening up his quarters and figuring out his plan of action for the day. They had worked late again last night, there being no real excitement for a few weeks, the mission to follow up on Anubis last known coordinates on perpetual hold and they had gotten pretty heavy into the database until almost 10:30. Too late to drive to either of their apartments, they had decided to just stay in his on base quarters and had made love, slowly, for hours, not bothering with clothes when they were finished.

He shook his head and made the bed.  There was no time for that this morning; she had a meeting to get to, unfortunately. He heard the hair dryer shut off just as he was satisfied the room was clean enough to leave it for the day, the door opened and out came Adrienne, in her black suit, the one from her interview. He remembered how a small part of him had noted how attractive she was then, a very very small part because that day he was mostly annoyed by her sheer existence.  It’s funny how things change, he thought. 

“That’s a blast from the past,” he stated noticing now that the suit really accentuated her figure in a way he would have never let himself notice back on that day she had walked into his life.  He really wished that she didn’t have a meeting this morning. 

“I know, I thought that when I put it on,” she replied as she walked over to where her dress shoes were sitting in the corner.  Damn distracting Adrienne. Willing himself to not think about spending the day loving, in love with the most perfect woman in the world, he stood from the bed and walked over to the desk, collecting his things and beginning to get ready for work himself.  

“The last time I saw you wearing that you hated me and thought I was nuts,” he informed her, as he grabbed his bag from the table, tossing it over his shoulder.   

“I still do, but you’re a good kisser, so I let it slide,” she teased and walked up to him kissing him passionately on the mouth. For just a moment he broke, standing there, kissing her like he had last night, so slow and careful but he pulled away before he was at the point of no return.  

“Not now,” he told her, “You have work to do.”  And I shouldn’t sit around and think about you all day like I have grown accustomed to doing now, he thought to himself. Damn distracting Adrienne.

She laughed, “I know, and I’m turning over a new leaf.  No more lateness.” With that declaration she grabbed her own bag and wrapped the strap across herself, careful not to mess up her outfit but Daniel just shook his head.  

“I’ll believe it when I see it,”  he answered.  

“Goodbye Daniel,” she said curtly, but in jest, and turned around, heading for the door. 

“Have fun!” he yelled as she rolled her eyes at him and left.  It was all so weird, he thought to himself, to be happy again and to be happy with her.  The person he never expected and never expected existed. Smiling, something he did now more than ever before, he adjusted his bag and was close behind her, pulling the door to his quarters closed. 

About 4 hours later, as he was debating whether or not he should to get real food or just eat a Powerbar, Adrienne came storming in the open door of the lab, slamming her bag onto her desk and her fists onto the wall.   

“What a fuckin’ waste!” she shouted in frustration. Without a word, Daniel stood and went through their post official meeting ritual, walking over, shutting and locking the door and reaching up to shut off the camera.  As soon as the red light disappeared, he looked back at her, adjusting his glasses and crossing his arms, preparing to listen.

“Rage on,” he said, leaning back against the file cabinets.  She did this enough for him but as Adrienne had become more and more respected at the SGC, she was made to attend almost as many meetings as he was and she came back from almost as many meetings irate.  

“Remember all of those great Ancient documents they shared with us, the ones we got from Grayson and company after they settled their differences? The ones I have been working on for three weeks? The ones I was supposed to present this morning?  Well, that’s all on the back burner now, let’s get ready to spend all of our time back on the leftover Ori weapon information.  Because that’s the purpose of the SGC, to explore the galaxy looking for new and creative ways to kill people. Like a goddam peekon,” she shouted, slamming her chair back and throwing herself into it.  Daniel was shocked; she made it through almost the entire speech before slipping in some cajun phrase.  She must be holding back. 

“And every day you sound more and more like me,” he told her, “continue.” 

“Dere’s nuttin else to’say.  Donna even know why in da ‘ell we bodder anymah,”  Adrienne swore under her breath, something he could not make out except that it was full blown cajun.  Yep, she was done.  Sensing that she needed a hug, he walked over to her desk, leaning down to where she was sitting in her chair, staring at a blank computer screen and wrapped his arms around her shoulders from behind, bringing their faces together.  

“We bother because despite all of it, one great discovery is worth the mountain of bullshit, I think is how you put it to me once,”  he whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek. As he went to hug her tighter, there was a knock at the door, but Daniel didn’t let go, just peered over his shoulder. 

“Please tell me that you guys aren’t having sex in there,” a voice from the other side mocked. It was Vala, and Daniel had no idea why. Letting out a sigh, he shook his head, stood and walked over to the door, unlocking it and she whisked herself into the room, looking them both over, Adrienne sitting back in her chair, feet propped up on the desk and Daniel standing in front of her, his arms crossed. 

“Good, you’re both still dressed,” she stated smartly, resenting the look on Daniel’s face already as he rolled his eyes.   

“Vala, you’ve got a one track mind.  We were just having a conversation. We’re allowed to do that,” Daniel defended.  He tired of Vala’s obsession with sex and for a moment his thoughts wandered to what Adrienne had told him last night before bed and hoped that Adrienne hadn’t shared any details with their dear friend.  

“Whatever, Sam said to come get you guys,” she replied, hands on her hips.  

“Why didn’t she just call?” Adrienne asked, confused, removing her feet from her desk. but their visitor didn’t answer, just rolled her eyes and held up a piece of paper:

  Go get Daniel and Addy. Stuck on phone. 

“She wrote this and pointed to the phone, which she was on when I stopped by, so I did what she asked because I’m a nice person,” Vala answered.  Concerned, neither of them having spoken to Sam since Daniel’s public announcement, Adrienne glanced over at Daniel, putting her face in her hands for just a second and looked back up at him once more. 

“Can we go back to bed? Please?” she begged, making Vala laugh from the doorway.  

“See, and I’m the one with the one track mind,” she said, tracking her gaze over to Daniel as she smiled and he scowled.  

“Leave,” Daniel ordered and pointed at the door as she was smiling evilly.  Without argument, she turned around and left, laughing as she did so.  He really hoped Adrienne hadn’t told her anything, or if she had, it was at least in his favor. Not that he cared of Vala’s opinion of him in that department but he did care if Adrienne wasn’t...he forced himself to refocus; damn distracting Adrienne.  He heard a thunk and saw her dramatically beating her head lightly on her desk a la Charlie Brown.  

“I really have no clue what the hell else I could get hit with this morning. I’m starting to miss hungover freshman,” Adrienne said pitifully, so much so Daniel walked back over, reaching out for her hands to bring her to her feet.  

“Don’t jump to conclusions,” he told her, “let’s go see what’s up.”  Dreading the worst, Adrienne let him guide her down to Sam’s office, walking hand and hand down the hallways like they didn’t care, which they didn’t any longer. 


When they arrived, Sam was still on the phone and she didn’t look happy.  With a slight wave of her hand and the ballpoint pen clasped lightly in it, she pointed at the chairs in front of her desk and they took a seat, waiting patiently for whatever was to come.  

“Yes. Yes sir, I understand.  No, no sir. This is just a standard mission sir I didn’t see. Yes, yes sir.  I will right away,” she hung up the receiver and directed her gaze at the two archaeologists sitting in front of her, who looked confused as to why they were here.  

“You would think being married to the head honcho of all of this would make my life easier, but no. It just makes every bureaucrat question your every move,” she rolled her eyes in disgust, “ but thanks for rushing down you two.”  

“No problem,” Daniel answered, “Adrienne and I are just trying to tie up loose ends before we take leave Friday.”  

Sam shook her head, “About that...”  

“Oh no,” Adrienne said without thinking, that part of her that knew this was going to blow up in their faces kicking into overdrive.  She had been looking forward to this vacation for weeks, even more so now that it wasn’t going to be a big secret and after her meeting this morning she couldn’t take one more stitch of bad news. 

“I’m sorry, I hope you guys didn’t make big plans,” Sam apologized, reaching behind her for a folder, the look on her face showing that she was indeed sorry. Only a romantic weekend, alone, Adrienne thought to herself but deferred to Daniel, who was shaking his head in the negative.  Thanks sha, Adrienne thought, just let my entire day fall apart.

“Not yet, we were still discussing that, what do you need us to do?” he answered, not at all the answer Adrienne wanted to hear. Before responding, Sam opened the folder and set it open in from of them to display a picture of an Ancient temple, nothing new really, sitting in front of them.  

“Well, you both know we sent SG-6 over to PFJ-009, correct? The one with the temple covered in Ancient writings,” she told them. 

“Yeah,” Daniel answered, “it’s nothing they can’t handle, why?” 

“They found this,” Sam replied and pulled another photo out from closer to the bottom of the folder, handing it over to Daniel and Adrienne watched as the color left Daniel’s face entirely. 

“Dear god,” he said, his eyes widening as he adjusted his glasses pulling the photo closer to his face, “I thought there was only one.”  

“So did we,” Sam replied, sitting back in her chair letting Daniel take it all in. 

“One what?” Adrienne asked.  

“Ark of Truth,” he answered without breaking his gaze from the photo, “ or something close.” Puzzled, Adrienne gently slipped the photo away from his long fingers, scrutinizing it as well.  She had seen pictures of the ark, drawings really, of what Daniel remembered in case they ever encountered it or something like it again, but had never really seen exactly what it did or should look like. 

“It’s a box sha, a box.  The pixelation on the photo is too poor to really make out what it says.  It looks like the images in the database, but come on.  If the first box was so important, so difficult to make, why is there another one?” Adrienne, forever the skeptic, asked, resisting the urge to reach over and squeeze his leg.  He had that look on his face, that look of the terror that she knew he tried to hide, the look that made her want to take him into her arms.  

“I have no idea,” Daniel answered her, quietly, as he took the photo from her hand and looked at it carefully once more. 

“When this came back with this week’s check in, the IOA liaisons overseeing the project decided that you need to head over there Daniel.  Immediately,” Sam said, closing the remainder of the folder and pushing it toward him. Nodding, Daniel slipped the photo inside, tapping the contents lightly on the desk to balance them, glancing back up at the general. 

“Fine, when do we leave?” Daniel asked, disappointed at the interruption to he and Adrienne’s first vacation together but understanding the severity of the situation. He’d explain it to her, make it up to her somehow, he knew she’d understand. 

“You leave,” she clarified, “at 1300 hours,” she added, looking at them both sympathetically.  

“I leave?” Daniel asked, “but what about Adrienne?”  

“Welcome to the new world order Daniel.  When you date your assistant, she is really no longer your assistant.  Sorry Adrienne,”  Sam said, full of sympathy as Daniel’s expression changed from worry to frustration.  

“But I need her.  Do you realize how much faster I can get things accomplished with her around.  There’s no more, hurry up Daniel, or Dr. Jackson can we get this done? With Adrienne, it just gets done,” Daniel argued, albeit to the wrong person.  

“I know that.  Mr. Woolsey does not share my feelings.  He thinks the SGC is turning into some kind of large scale dating service. In fact,” Sam took a deep breath, “Adrienne will be splitting her time between you and Rodney.”  

“What!?!” Daniel and Adrienne both shouted.  The look on Sam’s face was enough to indicate to them both that this was not her doing and that she hadn’t particularly liked this decision herself. 

“I’m sorry guys, I didn’t want to tell you like this. Woolsey thinks that the nature of your relationship is, well, distracting,” Sam explained and Daniel’s stomach sank.  His exact thoughts this morning, distracting, but he still wasn’t just going to sit here and let this happen. He needed to think, he needed to come up with a good reason to show Woolsey that their relationship didn’t interfere with their work.

“Distracting?” Adrienne asked, “I make a conscious effort to avoid him like the plague. I mean, before we were together, Vala practically crawled into his pants in front of everyone and THAT was ok.  The two of us have a REAL relationship, that we are handling like ADULTS and I get punished by having to go work with RODNEY!?!”  She was almost shouting toward the end, not in cajun thankfully, glancing over at Daniel for support.  

“Adrienne, look, I understand, I do. You all would have both been in serious trouble were you not civilians. This, however, I can’t change.  There are somethings that are just over my head,” Sam said Daniel put his hand on Adrienne’s leg and looked at his old friend.  

“Sam, what about Jack? I know he needed to talk to me before he was sent to Atlantis, is there something we can do, Adrienne is vital to my research and we haven’t let our personal life interfere with our work life in the least,” Daniel argued, squeezing Adrienne’s hand in his own, his eyes pleading with Sam who was shrugging.

“I don’t know Daniel, I talked to Jack about it, very briefly last night from San Francisco and he said that I needed to remind you both something about a magnifier?” Sam replied, almost asking a question and this time it was Adrienne’s face that turned white. Shocked for a moment Daniel sat in silence, racking his brain, how would Jack have known when he remembered. He remembered that he had looked over at the cameras, meant to run turn them off, thought to run turn them off, started to push away her wandering hands to turn then off and then just hadn’t and a quick glance at Adrienne told him she was thinking the same thing. 

“We understand Sam. I’ll head down and pack,” he stood and motioned for Adrienne to follow.  The cajun woman took a deep breath and said goodbye, following after him, a sick feeling entered her stomach and she lagged behind hoping that Daniel wouldn’t see the tears forming in her eyes. She really never had cried so much as she did over this man and that made her as angry as the transfer.  

“Honestly, this might be a good thing,” he said from in front of them, looking over his shoulder, slowing to let her catch up, “It would allow you to learn a bit more about other departments and maybe even help connect his work to ours.” As she reached him, he could tell what she was hiding and he didn’t want to tell her that he could fix this, he needed to work on it, but for now he just needed to assure her that it would be alright. 

“Stop, it’s not worth it. Do you think I’m just going to let them drive us apart?” he turned to face her, bringing his hand to her cheek, “You brought me to life again.  They can try, but it’s not going to work.”  

“I know, but it just won’t be the same, you know?” she replied and unable to hold back any longer she started to cry.  He wiped away the loose tear quickly and pulled her into his arms, resting his head on hers, garnering looks from personnel as they walked by. 

“Not exactly, but we can use computer chat to make fun of Rodney all day, that should keep us entertained,” he tried to kid and Adrienne giggled a bit, hugging him tighter.  Here they were, in the main hallway, breaking their most important rule, do not show open affection at work but Daniel didn’t care.  He and Adrienne hadn’t let their relationship affect their work at all, and a hug in the passageway wasn’t going to kill anyone.  

“Fine, then I at least demand to come while you pack up for the mission before I have to report for hell,” she relented and pulled away from him reluctantly. 

“I’d hoped you would, oh, and we need to stop by the mess,” he exclaimed as he began to change direction and Adrienne looked at him strangely.  

“Why is that?” she asked.  

“Because, I want to make sure you have an orange in your pocket at all times,” Daniel was smiling as he said it.  

“You’re an evil man,” she grabbed his arm, sniffing, and slid her hand into his own, reaching to interlock their fingers. He didn’t shrug her away either.  Let them gawk, he thought as they headed for the mess hall, if you’re going to take her away for one little indiscretion in the lab, then I’m going to hold her hand and kiss her the entire way to the commissary, he strode, as confident as he could, a part of him wondering how much of their little sex tape Jack had actually seen. 


“That means there’s a tape, isn’t there,” Adrienne whispered, glancing up at Daniel as he packed his duffle with a few sets of standard issue clothes and some boxer briefs. 

“I think that is a safe assumption to make,” Daniel admitted from the dresser as he shut the top drawer, peeking over his glasses to make sure she was alright, which she wasn’t, judging by the way her head collapsed into her hands. Tossing the bag aside, he still had a few more hours before he needed to leave, he marched over to the bed, sitting down beside her and taking her into his arms. She wasn’t crying, she was just red from her cheekbones to her neck, outwardly expressing what he was feeling himself.

“So, Walter saw,” she started, burying herself into the comfort of his embrace, her arms clasped around his middle. 

“Probably, but I don’t think he would say a word. I think he was probably reviewing tape and Woolsey just walked in or something,” Daniel tried to explain, holding her closer, kissing her cheekbones softly. 

“I don’t think I can ever look him in the face again,” Adrienne added, quietly, Daniel laughing uncontrollably, peering over to make sure she wasn’t angry, even more worried as she shoved him away. 

“Shut up Indy, this is NOT funny. There is a video, video of you and me and ahhhh!!!” Adrienne shouted out, falling back onto the bed, hands at her face again. 

“Come on, if anything you don’t have to face one of your best friends after he saw your bare ass on camera,” Daniel joked, well, halfway joked, he really wasn’t looking forward to having this conversation with Jack in the least. 

“Whatever, he’s gonna be so happy that you’re getting some that nothing else will matter,” Adrienne spat from her hands, Daniel laughing, laying down beside her. 

“I’m going to try to fix this. We just need to play their game for a little while,” he replied, reaching for her hand and holding it up, squeezing it tightly. 

“I know, I know. Just feel stupid and all. The dumb bimbo that’s screwing her boss,” Adrienne said, carefully, not wanting to hurt his feelings. 

“Don’t. Think of yourself as that girl you like so much on that spaceship show and how she fell in love with the captain, what is that show called, the one with those space 
zombies?” Daniel asked, trying to make her feel better, trying to relate  it to something in Adrienne land. 
“Firefly? Zoe didn’t love Mal, she was married to Wash, the pilot. Inara was in love with Ma,” Adrienne explained, rolling to her side, laying her head on his chest and wrapping his arm around her waist. 

“Right, ok, so imagine you are her then,” he answered, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close, but she starting laughing loudly at his chest. 

“What?” he asked confused. 

“Inara was a prostitute,” she answered, still laughing. Flushing now, Daniel shook his head, rubbing his hand down her back. 

“Ok, scratch that, let’s go back with bimbo,” he replied and she sat up quickly, reaching for the pillow and slamming it into his head. 



“You know,” he said to her as they headed for the gate room a few hours later, after packing and carefully briefing her on how to handle Rodney in tight enclosed places, “I might have succeeded with your little challenge.” 

“Is that so? So you’re that confident that this won’t take very long?” Adrienne asked, her mood lightening.  

“Just an idea right now. Came to me as I was packing. Needed motivation to get back fast,” he smiled.  Returning the gesture, she put her hand on his back as they turned the corner to the gate room to send Daniel on his way.  

“Dr. Jackson, Dr. Rowan, nice to see you both,” Mr. Woolsey was standing there, in the gate room, his fake grin from ear to ear, almost sneering at them. Adrienne wanted to die of embarrassment right then and there, his greeting might as well have been an outright announcement that he saw, everything, and she avoided eye contact darting her gaze to the corner. Trying himself to not imagine what Woolsey was really thinking, Daniel was additionally surprised to see he was dressed in full SG gear including tac vest rather than his usual suit and tie, unable to imagine what he would actually put in there.  Lists of reasons to cut the smart parts of the program he supposed, his thoughts actually coming to him in Adrienne’s voice as they ran through his head, and he reached out, running his hand down her arm to reassure her not caring if Woolsey noticed.  Stepping ahead, Daniel reached out his hand to greet Mr. Woolsey, who shook it and readjusted his uniform. 

“Mr. Woolsey, hello, will you be joining the mission,” Daniel asked rhetorically since by his dress the answer was apparent.  

“Yes, doctor, I wanted to see if this little box is anything like the original ark that you discovered.  If so, I think we might have stumbled on something of great importance,” he stated. 

“Une machine de lavage de cerveau,” Adrienne whispered to Daniel.  

“Exacte,” he answered, quietly, feeling an anger in Woolsey’s gaze at their secret speech. Well, learn another language, Daniel thought, cursing the man’s ignorance because he was fairly certain Sam understood what he was saying, Sam who was standing to the side talking to a few gate techs that were working in the control panel. Thank god she did not see that video...

“Ok, then, well we’re off.  We will be checking in periodically General to alert you to our progress,” he said and glanced back at Daniel as if he was waiting for something.  Sam nodded and gave Walter the signal to start dialing and Daniel looked back at Adrienne, knowing that she was probably looking back at Walter as well trying to feel out if he was upset with her as well. Worried, he walked over to her, debating whether or not he should kiss her, to hell with Woolsey. He had kissed her goodbye in his quarters, but he could tell that she wanted to again, needed to again, and he reached out to do just that when instead, she squeezed his forearm and gazed into his eyes.  

“Ana bahbak,” she told him, I love you in Egyptian. He smiled softly, but didn’t reach out in return, reading her mind.    

Wa ana kaman bahbek,” he responded and turned, walking through the gate for the first time in a long time leaving her behind. Not even acknowledging their exchange, Sam, or anyone else, Woolsey turned to follow, the sucking noise of his exit confirming he was gone. 

Ignoring Sam as well, not in anger but in a combination of shame and depression, Adrienne sighed and left the gate room, squeezing the orange as she made her way to her new assignment, four whole floors higher than her lab, than her work space with the man she loved. 


“Dr. Rowan, I’ve been expecting you,” Rodney glared at her with a combination of happiness and disgust as she turned the corner to his laboratory door. Forcing a smile and walked over to his desk, preparing for the worst. 


The first check in was twelve hours later and there was no rushing the clock. Adrienne had trudged unwillingly to her own quarters after finishing her afternoon with Rodney, who was surprisingly friendly as the day progressed, for Rodney anyway.  He had her translating some items from the Atlantis lab while he ran some mathematical simulations and it wasn’t bad, it just felt lonely. Rodney didn’t talk much, well to her, he really just talked to himself, out loud, loudly, and it took everything in her power to avoid both smacking him and answering him but really she just wanted to have a conversation. Even before their current situation she still relished harassing Daniel on a daily basis, in fact, she just missed looking over and seeing him there, hunched over the magnifier, squinting, the light reflecting off of his blue eyes.  Trying not to think about it, she took a shower and crawled into her cold military issue bed, alone.  


Adrienne actually managed to get up with the alarm at five, a first for her; Daniel would have been proud. Rushing to toss on her uniform, she made it to the observation room, only fifteen minutes later, hoping to hear news that he was making some progress, progress that would get him home.  She was just arriving as Sam was watching a grainy video on the screen, her back to the door and arms crossed across her chest. 

“It looks that way Sam, but it’s in bad shape and I need some more time.  There is a lot of reconstruction that is going to have to go into this,” Adrienne knew it was Daniel’s voice even though she could barely make out his face.  She kept quiet even despite that she was disappointed to hear that this might take longer than he had originally thought. It would have probably taken less time if we had been able to work together, she thought, but she refrained from comment. 

“Alright, well, I still want you all to check in every 12 hours.  I need to ensure we are making appropriate use of manpower,” Sam said and Adrienne could hear the annoyance in her voice at the idea of Woolsey sticking his nose into the operation and smiled appreciatively, knowing that Sam was on her side.  

“Yes General,” Woolsey interjected, “we will try, but I really want to allow Dr. Jackson as much time as possible to determine if this is indeed what we think it might be.”  Yeah, something to kill people with, even if indirectly, Adrienne thought. 

“Understood Mr. Woolsey,” Sam replied, reluctantly and ended the transmission, tapping the button on the console before looking over at Adrienne. 

“I’m sure he would have said something if he knew you were here,” she told her. 

“Bah,” Adrienne replied a touch of Louisiana in her response, “I just wanted to see if he was having any luck with the thing.  Sounds like a no.”

“I should have overruled Woolsey and sent the both of you.  This is yet another example of how they like to give Daniel the work of two people and expect him to do it in half the time,” Sam said, shaking her head and continuing, “Next check-in, if there isn’t any progress made I’m going to intervene. This is ridiculous, you two haven’t done anything wrong!” she exclaimed when she noticed Adrienne’s face, flushed, looking in the opposite direction. 
“The magnifier?” Sam asked, starting to put everything together. 

“Yep,” Adrienne answered quietly. 

“Forgot to shut off the cameras,” the general continued. 

“Uh huh,” Adrienne responded and Sam began to laugh. 

“Was it at least....” Sam started, feeling suddenly weird about asking such things in reference to Daniel. 

“Oh yeah,” Adrienne replied, her cheeks redder than ever, a mischievous smile on her face. 

“Let Woolsey cool down it is,” Sam concluded looking back at the screen. 

“I think that’s the plan,” Adrienne answered, hoping that was the only reason that Daniel hadn’t marched down to Woolsey this morning yelling and screaming. 

“Gotcha,” Sam concluded, trying not to laugh. Daniel, having sex? In the lab? Breaking things? It was just too unfathomable not to laugh....

“We’ll see how the next check-in goes,” Adrienne said, as she was thinking the exact same thing, and made her way to the gym, hoping to run before day two of Rodney.  


At 1650, Adrienne headed back up to the observation room, meeting Teal’c and asking him to join her for dinner afterward. He was the best listener, at least when Daniel was away, and she needed someone to blow off some steam today after this long and terrible day.  Rodney had called her everything from incompetent to inept to making a suggestion that Daniel kept her around for his own physical pleasure and not because she was good at anything.  For that comment, she was just proud she didn’t knock him unconscious. Eager for the check-in, if not for any other reason than just to hear his voice, she walked in at 1700, Sam smiling kindly at her.  Adrienne just hoped that she was unable to read the disgust in her face, this really wasn’t her fault, when her thoughts were interrupted by the eruption of activity as the gate began to move and the wormhole opened.  On the screen another grainy transmission popped up, a blurry figure in SG gear standing there waiting to send a message.  

“Daniel?” Sam asked. 

“It’s Robert.  Dr. Jackson is working, so I’m checking in,” he responded and Adrienne’s heart sank. So much for racing up here, she thought. 

“Any progress?” she asked, peeking over at Adrienne who was rolling her eyes. 

“I believe so.  However, Dr. Jackson is still against opening this box, so I’m hoping he finds some instructions soon, to ease his fears,” Woolsey continued. Sam had nothing to say to that and neither did Adrienne, the glares between the two women saying enough. 

“Alright, check in please in 12 hours,” Sam replied and signed off once more, looking back up at her newly arrived visitor.  

“I just hope that creep is letting Daniel rest or something,” Adrienne said to Sam knowing that if anyone else understood her boyfriend’s workaholic tendencies, it was definitely Sam. 

“I just hate when he puts on the nice guy ‘I am one of you attitude’; it’s so fake,”  Sam said in response, turning her gaze back to the monitor, tapping her pen against it but Adrienne just shrugged. She had no solace to offer and it seemed the more time Robert Woolsey spent on Earth with the IOA the more he reverted to his old self, forgetting the lessons that the Pegasus galaxy had taught him so instead, she offered the only idea that did come to her.

“Wanna join Teal’c and I for dinner?” she asked, figuring that Sam could use some venting too.  

“Why not,” she replied and stood, following Adrienne out and to the commissary.  


The sirens were going off as soon as they set down their trays.  

“Incoming wormhole, SG-6,” Walter’s voice said over the intercom, music to Adrienne’s ears.

“Yessss!!” she shouted and stood, not caring who saw her tearing out of the gate room to meet him, hell, she might even kiss him right there when she saw him, just to piss off Woolsey. 

“Now to see about this destination of his....” she smiled, reminding herself but paused as she noticed that the were not shutting off.  The blaring now more ominous than before, Sam, Adrienne and Teal’c looked at each other and tore in the direction of the gate room.  

As they were running through the door to the gateroom itself, two members of SG-6 came dashing through the ancient stone circle, one leaning on another obviously injured. Out of the corner of her eye Adrienne could see the on call staff on the red phone, most likely calling down to the infirmary, the rest of the room in a flurry of activity, rolling into action to help the distressed team.

“Where’s Daniel?” Adrienne forced her way through the confusion, demanding, no longer caring about professionalism.  The uninjured team member looked up at Adrienne as two medics relived him of his burden, out of breath, taking a moment to catch it before answering.

“We were attacked, not sure who, maybe Lucians.  He and the IOA guys are pinned down. We lost Major Jeffers and we are not sure where Dr. Hensen is....” he answered, but that was all she needed to hear.  Frantic, Adrienne looked back at Sam. 

“We’ve got to go back there and get them!” she shouted, forgetting her place with her friend and her superior.

“Adrienne, we have no idea what we’re running into, we need to call down some teams and try to assess the situation,”  Sam started, although there was clear panic in her eyes as well, not only for Daniel, but for the possibility of the Lucian Alliance, or worse, far worse, Anubis, getting their hands on anything like an ark of truth.  

“Ok, great, you do that, Teal’c and I will go,” Adrienne offered peering over at Teal’c, and nodding in agreement, the cajun hoping that she would agree otherwise Adrienne was going to have to get creative, or worse, break some rules, a sure fire way for the IOA to kick her out the rest of the way, but she didn’t care. In her opinion, it was better to be jobless and with Daniel than being promoted upon his death.  

“Addy, I’m not sending you into a firefight, you or Teal’c,” Sam answered.  

“Come on Sam, it’s Daniel, please,” Adrienne begged, trying to hide the tears forming in her eyes. This is why Woolsey says it’s a distraction, yes he’s pissed off over Daniel & I getting it on in the lab, but here I am crying in the gate room, she thought, maybe we do need a cooling off period. There was a touch to her shoulder and Adrienne glanced over, a large kind brown hand clasping her as Teal’c stepped forward, directing his attention to Sam. 

“SamanthaO’Neill, I am certain that the IOA would want reinforcements sent in immediately to insure the safety of their people,” he reasoned, referring to Woolsey, whom Adrienne had forgotten. Genius, she thought, why didn’t I think of that? Her eyes reading his intention hidden in his words, Sam smiled for a second, only a second and then frowned, shaking her head again. 

“Cameron is at the academy and Vala’s off-world -” Sam began, but Adrienne interrupted, on Teal’c’s wavelength, feeling the need to help. 

“Like Teal’c said, I’m sure the IOA would understand if the two on-base members of SG-1 were sent through, covertly, so we would have a better idea of what we were walking into, if anyone can send back intelligence,” Adrienne offered and Sam smiled. 

“Suit up,” she ordered, “Now.”  

Adrienne and Teal’c were ready in less than 15 minutes.  


“SG-3 is almost here, they should be there shortly.  Be careful, assess the situation and radio me back as soon as you guys know what is going on,” Sam instructed and Adrienne nodded as Teal’c tested the radio at his shoulder.  Seeing Sam give the signal, Walter dialed the gate and the wormhole formed, Sam taking a deep breath hoping that she was making the right choice sticking her neck out for her friends yet again.  

“Allons T, let’s go retrieve Indy,” Adrienne shouted over her shoulder, storming ahead, staff weapon pointed in front of her.  

“AdrienneRowan, I remember a time when you avoided running into gunfire,” Teal’c smiled at her as he turned around, beaming, walking backwards slowly up the ramp.  

“Oh how things change,” she answered, stepping through the wormhole....

to have her head almost shot off on the other side.  

“Pic Kee,” she yelled and hit the deck, crawling on all fours out of firing range, her staff weapon clutched to her chest as Teal’c dodged a shot on the other side advancing behind her doing a military type crawl himself while shooting from side to side with his own staff weapon.  At the base of the dirt ramp, Adrienne got her bearings a bit, shooting Eric at a leather vested man running toward her.

“Lucians,” Teal’c spat in disgust.  

“At least it’s not Anubis,” Adrienne replied, relieved for at least that bit of luck, looking ahead for the ruins.  They were about 50 feet away and the shots had stopped, for now, Teal’c having taken out three men while she herself had downed two, but they were both acutely aware that at least one scout had to have gotten away to go for reinforcements.  Not bothering to tell Teal’c what she was doing, Adrienne stood and ran into the temple, hoping it would take the next wave of Lucians a while to arrive.  

“Adrienne, what in the hell are you doing here?” Daniel shouted as she turned the corner to the main room of the temple. She was running full force, her uniform jacket singed from near misses, her staff weapon in hand and he couldn’t believe that Sam had sent her here.   

“We’re here to rescue you, you know like from Jabba’s palace?” she winked.  There goes Adrienne, Daniel thought, forever the comedian.  

“Cute, how bad is it out there?” he asked as Adrienne saw Woolsey appear from behind him. 

‘Bad, but SG-3 should be coming, actually...” Adrienne interrupted herself and grabbed the radio at her shoulder. 

“Sam, Sam?” but all she got was static, “Dammit, Sam, can you hear me?”  she repeated but there was no response.  

“Most likely GeneralO’Neill will see the lack of communication as a sign of the severity of the situation,” Teal’c said, as he joined her from behind. He didn’t mention to Daniel that she had run ahead without warning despite the possibility of gunfire and Adrienne knew that she would need to thank him for saving her a tongue lashing later.  

“Hopefully,” Daniel replied with no tone of concern in his voice, “Well, we’ll just have to wait it out I suppose,” and he turned and head into a small chamber, completely confusing Adrienne in the process. 

“Daniel!!” Adrienne shouted, “Where are you going?” 

“To try to finish translating this thing,” he said over his shoulder and kept walking, right past Woolsey, heading for the smaller chamber.   

“Seriously? I almost got my head blown off trying to come save your ass and you’re just going to keep working!?!” Adrienne shouted and Daniel stopped in his tracks, turning around dramatically to walk back over to her.  

“I love you,” he replied, kissing her lips quickly and turned around heading back for the far chamber once more.   

“ARGH!!” she shouted and followed him, figuring she might as well help not caring that Woolsey had stood staring at the exchange, hoping instead to prove him wrong as both of them got to work immediately on the task at hand. 


She squinted as she entered the dim room and saw where he had set up a portable lamp, pointing it at the side of the box.  It look just like the sketches on the database, just like he had described, and she could see by the look on his face that he had been correct.  Placing her hand lightly on his back, she knelt down beside him to hear what he had discovered so far. 

“I think this might be a prototype for the original ark the Alterans tried to create, but for some reason didn’t work,” he explained to her.  

“What makes you think that?” she asked, bringing her face closer to his and to the ark, scanning with her dark eyes the very mangled and broken ancient on the box.  It sounded like more religious nonsense to her, but she knew better than to question when he had that look on his face.

“Just a guess,” he said, surprisingly jovial, as he turned, flashing her a smile.  She went to answer but heard gunfire erupt again before she could say anything followed by clicking and popping, a voice on her radio. Of course, it works now, she thought to herself.  

“DanielJackson, AdrienneRowan,” it was Teal’c, “I am going to escort Mr. Woolsey and the IOA officials to the Stargate immediately, however, the gunfire is too close to reach you.” 

“We’re fine Teal’c, we’ll figure out something,” Adrienne said as a blast went off beside her foot, forcing her to squirm herself the rest of the way into the chamber.  She hated tight places, changing her earlier fine to a more frantic plea, “Dammit, ok Teal’c just send SG-3 in here and soon!”  she shouted, looking over at Daniel. 

“Sha, we gotta move!” she told him. 

“No,” he answered, “I have to finish this.”

“Are you kidding me!?! We are getting shot at and you won’t stop working!?!?” she looked at him incredulously.  He had done some crazy things over the time she had known him but getting shot in order to finish some silly IOA task really took the cake. 

“Ad, listen, I know this is hard to understand.  So much of what happened to us before you came along is just a file folder to you but I lived it.  I’ve told you a lot but even telling doesn’t really even come close to experiencing it. If this thing works, if there is any juice left in it, I need to stop it. No one can get their hands on it, especially not Anubis,” he said, sincerity in his eyes, the look that she had always believed, the look that she could never say no to.  Knowing he was right, just not too happy about any of this, Adrienne breathed out in frustration.

“Ok, I’ll cover us until SG-3 gets here.  But you know I do not like guns sha, you need to keep that in mind,” she crawled over to the opening and pointed her staff toward the gun fire, sending off a few shots.  A few blasts exploded beside her head and she dodged them like a pro and waited for the shots to clear, trying her hardest to focus on keeping their attackers at bay and not at the fact that bullets were whizzing past her and slamming into the wall. She then leaned back and took a few more shots, to no avail, she couldn’t get a proper angle on her long staff and the bullets just kept coming. 

“Damn Lucians!” she swore, glancing over her shoulder at Daniel, who was still crawling along the floor examining the box, “Sha, slide me your P-90,” and Daniel looked up in shock as he reached for his gun.  

“Seriously ja-wer?” he asked, thinking those were words he would never hear cross her mouth, no matter how much better she had been doing with him at the range. 

“Yes and hurry the hell up with that box!!!” she spat as he slid the gun across the floor.  Adrienne tossed her staff aside and took a deep breath; she hated bullets, she hated guns but she kinda liked living and loved Daniel so she shoved the gun into her shoulder and began to fire.  Daniel watched her for just a moment in amazement, noting too that it had taken his life in peril for her to pick up a gun, and continued working.

He was close to the end, what he thought was the end, hoped was the end, he really hoped this thing would work like he was guessing, when he heard her swear in french behind him.  

“Merde! I think I’ve used ‘alf of ahr ammo ‘en got one guy, I suck at dis sha, please tell me ya close,” Adrienne shouted back at him.   

“Almost....” Daniel kept working, trying to watch her out of the corner of his eye but her expression was cool and she leaned over, closing one eye and kept shooting. 

“Ad!” Daniel shouted as his blue eyes reached the final line, pushing his glasses up his face to try to read it one more time. 

“Whah Indy!?! Imma lil busy ‘oer ‘ere!” she yelled back, firing more. Checking the line just one more time, Daniel scratched something onto the box and glanced back over at his girlfriend, for just a moment noting how incredibly gorgeous she looked firing that weapon.  

“I need your help, get over here quick,” he responded and she fired off another shot again quickly, flipping onto her stomach, crawling over to him, holding the gun close to her.  That surprised him as well, she was just full of surprises today. 

“Right here,” he pointed to a line, “Check behind me right here.” Leaning closer and finally tossing the gun aside, Adrienne squinted and read aloud.

“...releasing the knowledge of all and the ability to show the way to others once must open at the direction of the sun or open at the side of the moon to shut it away forever...”

“Ok, help me turn this,” he ordered her, interrupting her abruptly as he grabbed the sides of the box “and get ready to pull.” They heard voices coming closer and could see blasts outside of the small doorway. Without her gunfire the Lucians were making their way toward them, fast, taking advantage of her absence.

“Daniel, sha, we are gonna DIE,” Adrienne tried to explain, looking him in the eyes, as she helped him turn the very heavy box.  

“No, we are NOT ja-wer, just keep turning,” he growled through gritted teeth, throwing all of his weight against the heavy box, Adrienne joining him in between quick glances over her shoulder.  Together, they pushed and pulled turning the gigantic wooden box covered in precious metals, weathered and aged, various bits of lore written all over it. The box was huge and Adrienne felt every muscle in her body straining as she moved it, her neck pop and panic fester deep inside her stomach as she ran the words of the inscription through her head once more. 

“Wait, the sun, the moon? They both rise in the east,” Adrienne shouted. 

“Not here,” Daniel answered and grabbed her hands placing them on the top of the box, sliding his besides hers.


Side by side, feet pressed to the box, hands together, they pulled, their combined strength popping the lid open, releasing heat and flame into the room.  Daniel and Adrienne were blasted backward, and Adrienne felt a hand on hers, slipping away, a sharp pain in her head before the world went black.  


Adrienne opened her eyes to Daniel leaning over her, frowning, his hands rubbing all over her face.  

“Yuck, your hands are filthy,” she told him as she sat up, shooing him away from her face. It was then that she noticed that the gunshots had stopped, the room eerily quiet, dust particles flying all around them. 

“I was trying to make sure that you didn’t choke on debris.  I’ve grown a bit attached to you,”  he answered as he sat back against the rock wall, leaving her alone as requested. 

“Are you ok? What happened? Why are we not getting shot at anymore?” she asked, sitting up herself, rubbing her throbbing temples. 

“Because we opened the Ark, well the prototype arch, on the wrong side,” he answered and Adrienne looked at him, lost. 

“We did? What did it do?” she asked, now taking the opportunity to scan the room, slowly, as her head was still spinning and her vision a tad blurry. At least she could blame this one on Daniel when Carolyn began her lecture. 

“It set off a massive explosion a chain reaction that went that way, that either killed them or knocked them out. I haven’t heard a sound for a while,” he told her, pointing acroos the room where the side of the wall had been blasted clear through, a large tunnel that looked like it had been made with a fireball. That would explain the headache, she thought, turning back to face him. 

“How long has it been?” she asked, taking the opportunity as her vision started to clear to scan Daniel for possible injuries that he would be ignoring, only concerned for her well being. 

“A few hours, give or take,” he answered.  Nodding, and wincing for as bad as that hurt as well, Adrienne looked over at the Ark, or what was left of it.  It was busted into easily a thousand pieces, fragments of wood, metal and stone in every corner of the chamber, what was left of the chamber, not one piece big enough to justify taking back to the lab to record the translations. Confused, Adrienne looked back at Daniel, unable to believe that he had destroyed the precious find. 

“You broke it,” she stated but it was really more of a question. 

“I had to.  No one has a right to that much power. Not even us,”  he answered quietly, that seriousness in his voice.  Adrienne nodded, knowing that he was exactly right, knowing some things she had read in a file she would never understand and crawled over to him. His expression softening, he reached out his arms and she crawled right into them, laying her shoulder on his head and wrapping her arms around his waist. 

“Don’t worry, I know they’ll be here soon,” he told her and kissed her head, hugging her tightly.

“I know sha,” she answered and just let him hold her until help came. 


“Come on!! Why are you still packing?!” she asked him, “You said our flight leaves in 30 minutes. At this point you’re gonna to have to flash your government credentials to even get us on the plane!!!” 

“27 minutes now,” he told her, but continued to pack slowly.  Her brow furrowed, Adrienne turned around, cutting her eyes and dropping her duffle on the floor.  

“Wait a sec,” she said, “we’re not flying commercial, are we?” she asked.  

“Nope,” he answered smiling, “In fact, now that I’m ready, we can get going. If you’re sure that you’re ready.” She smiled at him catching on, reaching for her duffle again.  

“I’m ready,” she said and in an instant, two light columns formed around them.  When the columns dissipated, they were not on the Odyssey as Adrienne had expected, her first thought a romantic mini-vacation in space, alone, making love under the literal stars...

Instead, they were smack dab in the middle of a parking lot for an AutoZone. 

“Where are we?” Adrienne looked up at Daniel, confused. 

“Anaheim Street, Long Beach California,” he answered with a smile. 

“Why?” she asked, completely flabbergasted but Daniel didn’t respond, just kept up that mischievous grin, pointing to the dilapidated building in front of them.  Following his finger, Adrienne looked left, her eyes widening and she started to scream. The parking lot beside them was filled with movie cameras and trailers, all surrounding a seedy bar displaying the sign “Fangtasia.”  

“Oh my god, oh my god!” Adrienne began to repeat, was jumping up and down with excitement in her eyes, excitement like Daniel hadn’t seen before, even with huge finds at work, even when he had surprised her with other small gifts.  It made him feel so amazing inside; she looked like a small child on Christmas morning. Daniel loved seeing her like this, he loved doing this for her because after the life she had led and the life she would continue to lead to be with him, she deserved this and he wasn’t even finished.  

“Surprise not over,” Daniel whispered, grabbing her shoulders to calm her, taking her by the hand and walking towards a row of trailers, showing his government ID to anyone that asked.  Adrienne didn’t say a word as they walked, just gawked and stared, muttering something about some man named Sam and some girl called Luna.  He recognized the names vaguely from the show, that he did watch on some Sundays with she and Vala, but really cared more about just being there with her than anything those silly fake supernaturals had going on, but this, this name he knew well.  Stopping at a large white trailer, he steadied her shoulders as she ran into him, pointing at the door. 


“I’m gonna faint,” Adrienne said, glancing up at him.  

“Just an autograph Ad, and maybe a picture,” he told her, knocking on the door.  The look on her face as the knob turned made it all worth it, always made it worth it and he made a promise to himself standing there. He would love her, cherish her, do anything to make her happy. Anything.